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    Used earlier Dynamix to good effect but found it terribly slow in all respects.  Came back to try another site and up-dated Dynamix to find a whole set of problems.

    1.  How can we remove this ridiculous Visual Editor that doesn’t work properly?

    2.  Why do all my Stage Gallery and FP Gallery sliders occupy top 10px of page only and overlayed with search button?

    3.  All text set at tiny size and squezed to left of page


    I will need to re-write a whole load of CSS to put some of this right.


    Can I get my money back?  Is there aplace to download earlier versions that didn’t have these issues?




    1. Exactly why doesn’t it work properly, more detail would help.

    2. Again in order for me to help, I’ll need a bit more detail, a link maybe? Does the demo site act in the same manner?

    3. This doesn’t sound normal, is it cached from the previous version.


    You shouldn’t need any extra CSS, as stated the demo works absolutely fine and there have been no reports of what you’re experiencing, so hopefully it’s just a setup issue.


    1.  The Visual Editor just doesn’t add the selected items – I can seleect them and then they just disappear either before the page is saved or afterwards.  But I really don’t understand why I cannot just get rid of this editor – can you just post a way to disable or delete it?  It slows activity and just dumbs-down the process, then it fails to do what it says it does.  I see it is a plug-in available separately, yet it appears embedded in this theme.

    2.  Site is developed off-line using xampp/Apache/MySQL local install.  So no link available.  All my sites developed this way and have used Dynamix like this before without this sort of total theme collapse.

    3.  This was a totally fresh site, new WP installation with latest files etc.  No pages or posts copied across and there are no Plug-ins installed so there cannpt be conflicts.


    I have had to revert to another theme to get this job done.  But I sure don’t have time to sort these sorts of problems on a premium theme.  Had the originally purchased version had these problems and a silly Visual Editor then my money would have gone elsewhere.


    1. This isn’t normal behaviour, the theme or plugin wouldn’t be on the marketplace if it didn’t work properly and I 100% wouldn’t release it like this.


    2. I’m not sure what to suggest, you can see the demo site is working, I’ve haven’t used any different method for creating the site  and no one else seems to be having the same issues you’re having.


    I agree, but understand that it may not actually be the theme at fault, if everyone was experiencing this it wouldn’t be on the marketplace. Unless I can see what is going on, I can’t help you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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