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  • RandyJC

    Good evening,

    i have a small question to ask.

    I've tried to search the support forum for my question but couldn't find it.

    On my website i have defined a static homepage, called page "Home".

    In my "Home" page, i have defined this shortcode:

    [tabswrap] [tabhead id="1"] Recent Video's [/tabhead] [tabhead id="2"] Recent Photo's [/tabhead] [tabhead_last id="3"] Recent posts [/tabhead_last] [tab id="1"] [postgallery_slider content="textimage" lightbox="yes" categories="Video" undefined id="2" imgheight="200" imgwidth="400" excerpt="100"id="1" /] [/tab] [tab id="2"] [postgallery_slider content="titleimage" lightbox="yes" categories="Foto" id="2" imageeffect="reflection" imgheight="150" imgwidth="150" excerpt="100" /] [/tab] [tab id="3"][postgallery_slider content="textimage" categories="Blog,Uncategorized" undefined id="3" limit="3" /]  [/tab] [/tabswrap]

    see http://www.rawe.nl/

    i'm trying to make a tab with my latest video's i've posted.

    But the only thing you see is the text.

    Is it possible to replace the text with my original youtube video(the shortcode)

    Thanx in advance.




    Hi Randy,

    I couldn't find the tab code? I should work though, are you selecting YouTube as the embed type?


    i'm terrible sorry! forgot to mention that i figured it out myself.

    I don't use the shotcode video on the first line, but the tab below (Image / Video Source)  to produce the youtube video.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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