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    Hi, I want to have a revolution slider on my products page. However, I want it to be on the top as an opening page. As of now I am getting the link: Home/shop and then I am getting the revolution slider. How can I put the revolution slider in product page and remove the link from above the slider? like http://acoda.com/dynamix/custom-shop-page/




    The page above is not using the default Shop page. It’s using a normal page with a Post Masonry Grid Gallery enabled and selecting Products as the data source. That way, you can add a Revolution Slider above it.


    Okay. So I cannot get rid of the link: home/shop if I use the default shop page. Right?

    Hi Prasadshi,

    If you are referring to the Breadcrumbs, you can disable it for all pages under Appearance ? Theme Options ? General and disable Breadcrumbs.

    If you only want to disable it just for the shop page, you can do so by disabling it from “Additional Options” under the Page Editor


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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