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  • Kevin Mad
    Kevin Mad

    Hello there,

    I am a new buyer of Dynamix theme and I love it.
    But the dependencies which have been created with others plugins is quite strange.

    I read Dynamix documentations and ThemePunch documentations (editors of Revolution Slider). It seem that I can’t become a Direct buyer of the plugin Revolution Slider because this plugin is in Dynamix theme. So I can’t access to ThemePunch support and I’m still stuck with my problem after read all their free FAQ. Maybe because an upgrade for this plugin is ready and the version I have in theme folder (with FTP) still stuck in previous version (5.1.6) ?

    Could you see http://mad-ev.com please ?
    My revslider have a troubleshooting in mobile device (samsung Galaxy S5 – Android). Only pictures don’t appear.

    D├ętails :
    – Text appear Ok
    – Shapes appear OK
    – My setting are ok (it say that picture must appear in mobile),
    – Preview in plugin say it’s ok (pictures appears OK during internal test),
    – Test on computer is OK when I reduce the window,
    – Debug process in ThemePuch don’t change anything.

    Any idea why all my pictures don’t appear ?

    PS : There are a problem about the revslider link in “plugins” part in wordpress. This one don’t work :

    Thanks & Regards,



    You can purchase a single license of Revolution Slider and that will give you support and automatic updates. You do get a free version of the plugin with the theme and you can update by following this guide here – however, they’ve made it quite difficult to encourage you to buy a single license.

    Kevin Mad
    Kevin Mad

    Okay thanks.

    However, is it possible to you to help me with that problem please ?
    Maybe you encounter this picture’s problem before with Revolution slider ?

    Kevin Mad
    Kevin Mad

    I got the solution : it’s a compatibility problem with Jetpack.
    To be more specific it come from “photon” module in it, which permit to accelerate pictures apparition on screen.

    I will contact the support to show the bug.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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