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    Hi Tom, Andy, all,

    I just updated our customers site to DynamiX 4.0.1 and all went well. I did have the stand alone version of VC installed before that, but I deleted it and reinstalled from your files. VC version is 3.7.3 as it should be. Everything seems to work fine so far, except that I seem to get the old dialogue when editing a row. I don’t see the droplist “Add custom background” but the same dialogue I had with the standalone VC (http://deinhardt.com/editrow.jpg). The old files had been completely removed, old Dynamix as well as the old VC – honestly 😉
    Cache has been cleared, I switched themes back and forth, nothing helped. A vanilla install of WP with DynamiX shows the new editing dialogue, but my updated version doesn’t 🙁
    What can I do?


    Arrgh, it was my own mistake. Forget everything I said above 😉

    I simply didn’t take over the changes in shortcode.php. Embarrassing… 😀

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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