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  • Victor Cardoso

    Hi I am using a plugin fo e-commerce. Everything is ok except for the pagination of my catalogue. The first page is showing with no borders as I configured it on the page, but the autogenerated pages for the pagination are showing a border. Is there a way to make borderless pages as default instead of border? I think this way the plugin auto genrated pages would look the same as the configurated ones. Thanks!

    Victor Cardoso

    Hi again! I managed to make this possible. The solution can be confusing for later modifications so be cautious.

    To make borderless as default for pages you need to modify the header.php file. I did it on the "Child" theme to be able to undo if necessary. Almost at the end of this file youll find this line of code:

    <div <?php if($DYN_contentborder!="yes") { ?>class="content-wrapper"<?php } ?>>

    You need to change only the comparison operator like this:

    <div <?php if($DYN_contentborder=="yes") { ?>class="content-wrapper"<?php } ?>>

    Doing this would make borderless the default option for all your pages and if you want to have a border you need to select "Disable Content Border" on the Page Options. In other words, the "border" option will work backwards

    I hope this is usefull, if there is a better solution please let me know!

    Best WP theme ever!


    Thanks for the code – if I get chance I'll add in an admin option 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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