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  • Joseph

    Just want to first say after much research and back and forth between many themes for this project, I am sooooooooo HAPPY I chose dynamix .. overall it is AWESOME and pretty easy to work with (except for the few minor things that are bound to happen:)

    So, Thank you, and keep up the great work!!

    Now, a couple of those minor things I mentioned:)….

    1) content frame border color – when you change it shows but, as soon as you click save it just reverts to just a black border around it??
    2) in the filter grid gallery I have 4 filters all will work when clicked EXCEPT the third one, only AFTER you had clicked on any of the others will that 3rd filter button work? what could be the problem and how do I fix that?
    3)and, is there a way to center those titles under the pics in the grid gallery? (noticed on dynamix site also to the left)
    4)404 page — the “sorry” part not showing up ??? I tried to change the h1 & h2 color? what could be the problem?
    5) How do I replace when someone right clicks on site to inspect element.. anywhere where it says dynamix theme ( i.e. content/themes/dynamix)??? I just want it to say the site name instead,,, is there one place in the php where it will generally change it throughout everywhere in the entire theme, or do I have to do something in several places? please advise, and instruct how I can do this.
    6) Frame around columns or blocks–e.g. http://dynamix.creativeworkz.co.uk/styles/red-skin/… I read somewhere that was changed in 3.0 but there is a way to do it, please advise. and also if u can tell me if that short code will be coming back?
    7) social buttons–if i want a pin it button and facebook and twitter and I use the short code there is a huge space between them in seperate boxes, if i try to use short code in text box instead they don’t appear horizontally their underneath each other.. I tried fulling around with the first/last thing in the code but, i can’t get it. How do I do this?
    8) rev slider css– I copied and pasted in the same css box an entire section e.g. “large text” , changed new one to “red text” and changed the color… it appears in list and even looks good and right in slider but, when I actually check out the test, or save and check page .. it just becomes a very small black text, what am I doing wrong?

    SUGGESTION: for grid gallery through slide manager…
    if you set up all your pics in slide manager then, insert it as a grid gallery, then in the gallery visual editor you have the option for image effects, problem is… it’s all or nothing i.e. if I wanted light box, it’s on all pics, there’s no way if I only wanted it on a few to do that or b&w effect etc.. why don’t you add that option in the pic itself in the slide manager or something like that? and.. is there a workaround for now?

    Suggestion2: after muuuuuuuuuchhhh time I was able to figure out why when I changed something on a skin it was not appearing..
    (b/c I had to go into that page as well and change in the drop down to that particular skin) there’s gotta be an easier way or for new purchasers of the theme maybe document to do both, or add that part to the video tutorial(which I watched:)

    Also, is there a way please to get an actual description of these new functions and fixes
    VERSION 3.0.3 – ( 30TH MAY 2013 )

    Progress / Graph Bar Feature
    Add WordPress Widgets to a Page
    Visual Composer Update – Vastly Improved Performance
    Multiple Slide Set fix
    Author “Display name publicly as” option ( Posts / Header )
    JW Player, YouTube, Vimeo Video Stops on Gallery Slide Change
    Accordion Shortcode Mini-titles Fix
    Post Gallery Sort / Orderby Fix
    Simpler Default Skin option
    i.e what new thing does and what the fix is over the problem that used to be, would really appreciate it:)
    Also, I just finished setting up my site and I’m scared like hell to do the update b/c of all the new form topics of their site gone wild after update.. what do you suggest? (I don’t have any extra plugins, and didn’t touch any css or php on site)
    what’s a sure way for me to update? –to be sure it won’t effect what i did, i.e. content, images, sliders I set up etc.. (i just installed the theme about a week ago and did it just by uploading the zip file through wordpress.. how would I now install this update? I work with other themes and whenever there is an update there’s a notice in wordpress just like the plugins, why not with this theme it would be so simple?

    Thank you in advance for your help, looking forward to quick response:)

    Kind regards,
    Ps: kept hearing about it, but can’t find it,, where is a list of all the cool css stuff people were requesting for different minor things on the site and were getting answers to, (without having to look through everybody’s questions here) is it in a place somewhere where I can find them all? Thanx:)


    Hi Joseph,

    Thank you for the compliment, I’m glad you like it!

    I’m currently on vacation for a couple of days, I’ll get Tom to reply tomorrow to you and I’ll be back on Thursday / Friday to respond to anything else. @tomphillips can you answer the points above when you get chance tomorrow, thanks.


    Hey Andy,

    Thank u so much for replying .. Ur sweet.
    If u can spare just one moment, (I need to go meet with people I made site for within next hour or so , if u can just answer the one about : deleting the content/ themes/ dynamix…. I would so much appreciate it.. ( just plz read the question again , son it’s all in there with the reply.

    Thank u so much and enjoy trip.

    Kind regards,
    Ps: glad to be part of the dynamix family:)

    Tom ( Support)

    Hi Joe,

    I have answered the questions as best as I can, theres a lot there!

    1. Please make sure you have selected a Default skin. WIthout this, the saved settings won’t be applied to anything.
    2. You may not have set up the filter tags correctly. Maybe a spelling error? Do you have a URL to the page with this gallery on so I can take a look?
    3. There are no default settings for this but you can with a bit of Custom CSS, see below.
    4. Do you have a URL to this particular page? I have not come across this before.
    5. Not 100% on this one, I will await Andy’s reply.
    6. That is an old version of Dynamix, please view the latest update at http://dynamix.themeva.com/. You’ll need to add a bit of CSS to this version. It maybe easier to add a General StyleBox into the columns where you need the border. Then add your content within the styled box. I hope that makes sense?
    7. I just tested this out and there is not much of a gap between the icons. Are you just using one social media item and then adding to it through Visual Composer?
    8. Double check you are selecting the correct CSS class and there are no mistakes within the code.

    There should be no issue with updating if you are using a new version at the moment. The people who were having some problems was because they were going from a very old version to the latest. This is because there has been massive changes to keep up with this fast moving industry and some of the old code isn’t compatible. I would always recommend backing up your site prior to any updates.

    Custom CSS, to be placed in Appearance > Theme Options > Customize CSS.


    .panelcontent.content.frame {
    text-align: center;

    Hope that helps and either Andy or I will answer the rest of the questions when I know the full details.

    Kind regards,


    Thank you Tom,

    Firstly that css line you gave me worked like a charm, thanx.
    (if I were t update to new version will it dissapear? i.e am I going to have to put it in again?

    k, no win response to your response:)…

    NOTE: I will be adding 3 question son bottom that just came up:)

    1) Yes I do (figured that out when content color wasn’t changing) but still having that problem with frame border color… what can i do?
    5) surprised you didn’t know I read somewhere b4, so it’s been responded to, but i fneed , please ask andy to respond, thnx
    6) ok, so what is the css to make it happen? 🙂 and where do I put it?
    7) Yes, was adding through visuall composer. even If i put each one in a 1/6 box they are to far apart, what “IS” the way to get them next to each other specifically I need (in this order) facebook,twitter,pinit —-what is the exact code to get those 3 in a text box, beside each other horizzontally NOT underneath each other, which was the result I was getting
    8) Not I know what u mean. Like I said I opened the css thing within the revslider itself, copied a section then re-pated it, changed the name an dthe hex color. it showed in list and as I chose it , it looked fine untill I clicked save and then it became small blk text… What is the right way to do this and where is the place I should be adding the code ? for example, what would be the exact thing to do if i want the “large text” but with the color #b54d4d? and where do I put this code you give me?thank you .
    9) (You left this one out)
    where can i get the details of the new update (not the list of them)–it’s not like there are examples of it on your sample site for us to see:)
    10) HOW do I update? just re upload the new zip into wordpress pannel like I did a week ago when ibought it? do I need to do anything first with the version prior which i snow running? .. please be specific, thnx
    11) is there a way “now” with a filtered grid gallery to get different effects on specific pictures? cause the “theme” setting is, whatever you set , is for ALL images?
    12) I tried through visual composer to ad a widget box to one of my sections, I chose sidebar 1 which only has a search bar in there… it did appear and work however, there is this weird littel boxy thing over the right side of the search bar??? what up with that?
    (you left this one out to:)
    13) list of or section to find all the css stuff that was answered to people throughout the comments and form… where can I find this?
    14) How can I link to a perticular filter e.g. I have filter1 filter2 filter3 and I want to put a link on a page to go directly to “filter2” NOT end up on the page with “all”— How can I do this?
    15) what can I do find an item in the grid gallery through the “search bar” i.e. if someone was searching for a product which there is a title and image for in the grid gallery, how do i get that to show up?
    and lastly… WHEWWWW:)
    16) in th eold dynamix vesion, when you woul dhover over an image it turned white, no wit’ sthe opposite (you can mak eit b/w and when you hover i=you see the color… How doI get i tto do i tthe old way,
    A: on an image?
    B: for an entire grid gallery?
    Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much:)
    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Kind regards,


    Flickapix Dezign

    point no: 5 if i read correct you dont want the theme name to appear in the source code when someone right clicks etc correct? simply rename the theme folder to your desired name, then change the theme name at the top of styles.css.

    if your using the child theme you will have to rename the child theme folder and the theme name in styles.css in the child theme, be sure to leave the template field intact,

    by using the child theme, any edits you make are made to the child theme, so to update you just ftp the main dynamix files safe in the knowledge your edits will remain, as for options you set, they are written to the database, so as long as you dont manualy delete them from phpmyadmin, they are pretty safe. i normaly wait a few weeks before updating, just to be sure any possible bugs have been sorted here in the forums.

    hope that helps


    @ Flickapix

    Thank you so much, that was so kind of you to take time out and help me with that:)

    I uploaded the theme zip via wp admin, where would I find that folder now to rename it?
    If I just change the styles.css thing it won’t be enough?
    Also if i change other things in the styles.css like uri pointing to me will it screw anything up, function wise?/

    Thank you so much:)

    kind regards, joe
    PS: ( not to push my luck, but:)any chance you know the answers to my questions 14 & 15

    Flickapix Dezign

    to edit the folders you need to do it by ftp as wordpress only allows for files, you would need an ftp program for your pc or mac, i use coda 2 on a mac, their are plenty of free ones out there, google it, you will need your ftp address which looks like this: ftp://ftp.yourdomain.com , and your username and password.

    the alternative is to do it via your hosting account control panel or cpanel, most hosts provide an online tool to access & edit directories.

    as for the other questions, i havent had a lot of time to dig into the latest version of dynamix so those would be better answered by andy or tom


    @ Flickapix

    Thank you, I’m in filezilla right now, can i just go to themes, dynamix, right click on the dynamix folder and rename it?
    That will do the job?

    Flickapix Dezign

    sorry for delay, long busy day 🙁 yes its simple as that, just like you would do on your machines desktop 🙂


    Hi Joseph,

    14) Unfortunately it’s not possible unless you start throwing some custom jQuery at it.

    15) I’m guessing you mean like filtering but using keywords instead? If so, again this isn’t possible, sorry.


    @ Flickapix

    NP:) Thanx for the reachout will check it out


    Annnnnnndy!!! :):):) Welcome back!

    Hope you had nice vacation. Noticed you were even answering people while gone 🙂 u are incredible!

    So, re 14) and 15) , there’s no suggestions or workaround to acomplish this?

    re: rest of #’s sent back Tom’s response this morning with the remaining questios that weren’t clear.. if you can please respond to them I would sooooooo appreciate . Thanx,

    Kind regards, Joe


    Hi Joe,

    I know, I’d love to switch off completely but that’s what you get for loving your work 😉

    RE: 14, 15, there is no easy solution, it would require some extensive development, something I unfortunately do not have time for at present.

    1) I’ve tested this and it does work fine on my server. Judging by one of your other responses, you’re not setting a default skin.
    6) You can use the Visual Composer > Styledbox > Type > General for this, or select Custom to create your own colour.
    7) I’m not sure what is happening here, if you add via the Visual Composer, you can drag them by their title to the position you want?
    8) Sometimes the slider caches the CSS, you may need to clear your browser cache when previewing.
    9) You can set a skin via Themes > Customize > Default Header / Skin, this will apply to all pages and then you can override on each page, in 3.0.3 I’ve made this simpler as users were missing it, if you edit a skin and have not default skin set, it will use the skin you’re editing.
    10) I’d recommend removing the version you have in the WP admin and install using the Envato plugin as per documentation: http://themeva.com/docs/dynamix/theme-installation-updating/
    11) Currently not, I’ll add this to the wish list, it maybe something I can add in using the CSS classes field instead. ie. you add the text lightbox to the CSS classes and that will allow that individual slide to have lightbox enabled.
    12) I’ve not had any issues with this, can you provide a link please.
    13) I’m not sure what you mean, do you mean in the customization forum?

    16) This was removed, mainly due the way shadow effects are now done, having a background color overlayed areas where it didn’t look right and the new shadow effect was introduced due to responsive design.


    You are simply the best!!

    Thanks for the quick response..

    OK, run down,

    1) what you are describing was my original problem I was having with the content body color till I figured out what you are saying now but, still having the same problem with the content frame color… tried every combo possible including different browsers..NOT happening , it changes fine even after I click save, then I close and same thing back to the black frame ??

    6) is that something in newest update cause version I got a week ago doesn’t give me that option anywhere? or, re-explain (like to a 2 yr old) I’m new at this:)
    7) i fi use a text box and add this..( [vc_pinterest el_position="first last"]) for pinterest and facebook and twitter, they end up appearing underneath each other instead of horizontally side by side can you giv me the exact format to put that in there please?

    8) I tried it in 3 different browsers after I did that and still had the same little black text?
    What is the way you recomend to do this?

    9) where can I get the “details” of the latest update NOT the list, so I can understand what was added or changed?

    11) is there some kinda css I can ad now for that to happen? like in the image itself inside the slide set?
    13) donT know where it is now:) but b4 I bought … I read in comments that inside forum you can c a list of all the css in the past we guys have asked for with fixes or things like that without having to read through all the forum topics?

    thanx again,


    Oh ps: something missing:) noticed many themes that offer “less” than your amazing theme has the option to also ad image behind content… you hav etheat in every other section beside that one:) i sit possible somehow?

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