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  • Sergio

    Hello guys, i'm trying to do some changes at dynamix and has been some trouble about several differente small changes.

    And they are:

    1.At the end of every post page, there's a box with the author bio, a small photo, and a place dedicated to the author of that post. I would like to remove that. At the Dynamix >> Blog Settings i've selected 'disabled' ath the option 'Show author bio'. But still, that little box stills there. I dunno what can I do to remove it. Here's one of the posts on my website so you guys can check it out:



    2. At the blog page, where is listed all the posts, there's one image for each post, but, if I click in any of these images, instead of leading me to the post page, it leads me to the imagem file adress, as you can see here:


    How do I change so that I click at these images they take me to the post page instead of the image adress?

    3. In my Home Page, there's several topics, such as:

    – SEO | Otimização de sites

    – Links Patrocinados

    – E-Commerce | Comércio Eletrônico

    – Posicionamento no Google

    and so on.

    If you click in any of these phrases, they take you to the following adress: http://www.marketingedigital.com.br/site/#

    How do I change it? I wanted that if I click at 'SEO | Otimização de sites', I would like the link to take to the post, not to the home page top.


    Thanks in advance guys.

    Any help would be really appreciated.


    Hi Sergio,

    1. I'm working on this at the moment – there is a slight bug with 2.8.9. 

    2. You have manually inserted those images and they have a URL set to the image. You would need to change the URL via the HTML view to the page you want. 

    3. I'm not sure how you have done this – the code suggests you're using an accordion shortcode but it's not functioning like one. How did you build that page?


    Hey, Andrew.

    1. As soon as you fix it, let me know (: That would be really appreciated.

    2. I changed and now it's fine. But, when I'm scrolling through the posts, if I click at the image, now it leads to the post link. But, is there a way to once i'm at the post page that image leads to its directory? Leading to the post only at the blog page?

    3.  Don't know if this is going to make any trouble here at the forum, but I posted the following code do the page I created:





    [two_columns ][imageeffect type="shadowreflectlightbox" width="400" height="300" shadow="shadow-xsmall" alt="Links Patrocinados" url="http://www.marketingedigital.com.br/site/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Depositphotos_7852154_M.jpg" ] [/two_columns] [two_columns_last ][panel title="  Links Patrocinados " ]






    Uma das maneiras de atrelar sua marca a um conceito, é a utilização de links patrocinados. Com esse recurso, o leitor, ao pesquisar determinados temas que possuam alguma ligação ao da empresa, encontrará, em um texto elaborado, a indicação sutil de seus produtos e serviços. O patrocinador poderá trabalhar por palavra chave, assunto ou perfil e paga apenas quando o usuário clica no anúncio de seu link. <a href="http://www.marketingedigital.com.br/site/index.php/links-patrocinados/&quot; target="_blank">Leia Mais.</a>




    Is there anything on thisb code?


    Hi Sergio,

    1. There is a BETA version to test here         Author Name shows up? 2.8.9       can you let me know if that works. 

    3. Can you send me your login details and I'll take a look for you. 



    In posted on the thread you said. Also, I sent you a private message with a login and password.

    Thanks for the support,

    Waiting for your reply.

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