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  • thiomas

    How do you make the scrolling posts and rotating images that are located on the far right side of the footer?




    This is done using the DynamiX Widget Gallery (DynamiX v2.7.5) and using the Gallery Slide Sets with an Quotes shortcode for the testimonials.

    Hope that helps ?


    Hi A.
    I upgraded to 2.7.5… everything looked fine… (and Gallery Widget is way cool!)

    I can see and edit post entries and page entires in the control panel… I can view pages. But I am not able to individually view post. I get only a blank screen within the browser… NO content at all.
    (FYI: I know the post are in the database because I can see them in the gallery widget content)

    Any ideas how to repair?

    Thx TB


    It could be a memory issue – or if you’re using WordPress 3.0.5 try this fix for wordpress, it may be causing the issue.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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