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  • reiner

    Hey Andy,


    somehow I couldn’t find my last thread so I had to create this new one.


    I would like to have a post like/or similar to this : poorly drawn


    I saw in your video that you cannot split it into 1/4,1/4 und 2/4. I thought by inserting rows instead of columns,

    I could make it happen, but without success. so I learned some basic html (by the way,which language did you use for

    the shortcodes like [onethird_columns ] and so on ??? )



    i “coded” it like this :

    [onethird_columns ]

    [two_columns ]

    • from
    • to
    • with  
    • book till
    • period            

    [/two_columns] [two_columns_last ]

    • Amsterdam
    • San Francisco
    • Arkefly
    • July 15th
    • now – July 15th



    This is 2nd row 1st column

    [twothirds_columns_last ][imageeffect type=”shadowreflect” width=”440″ height=”330″ shadow=”shadow-large” alt=”Amsterdam – San Francisco 514€” url=”url=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/176347_original_R_K_by_mondzart-hohenlohe_pixelio.de_.jpg” titleoverlay=”yes”][/twothirds_columns_last]


    but the result is not alligned at all and I cannot find the reason why.


    So my questions are, how could i create a post like in the picture and how do I align the reveal button and the header to the middle ?


    thx alot again, your /still) biggest fan


    p.s: my website is : http://www.promorino.com (there you can see the result of my problem.




    Hi rino,


    It looks like this is your issue –




    should be




    you where right. thx a lot. even support on sunday !!!


    so the last questions for a while


    1. how do I center things like the reveal button (from shortcode generator), the text within buttons and the header text (and change header f font colours) of posts


    2 how to solve the problem in the post above (please see picture)


    is there a place in the Tag column or so where I can put photo credits in blogposts without messing up the post itself,but the credits are still visible ? i found an erea “custom field” in yout theme but not sure if i can use it for this purpos.


    and finally, do you have some recommended ressources for styling/modeling your theme so i dont have to bother you all the time ? I tried to google stuff but I couldnt even figure out which computer language you are using.


    thank you so so much,reiner



    Hi reiner,


    You can add the following CSS to Skin Settings -> Add Custom CSS to control the reveal title and button text alignment.


    .revealbox,.button-wrap {text-align:center;}


    The header colours are set within Skin Settings? Content h3 or h4 should control them.


    It looks like you have achieved the layout you want from your site or am I missing something?


    The short codes trigger PHP,HTML and CSS – they are all pre-defined code so you’ll need to style using CSS like above.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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