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  • Anthony Pike


    Since installing the latest update my site has seemed to slow down quite a lot from the previous versions. Is there any way I could speed it back up. I have looked at cache plugins that might help, can you recommend any that work ok with the epix theme or whether you have any other solutions.

    Also I wondered whether it was possible to change the loading icon that flips around when you are loading a page, for example I have a round logo and I think it would look good when the page is loading that the logo was being displayed.


    Hi @pikey66

    Can you please specify your site’s URL so we can check? Site’s slowness is normally on your hosting provider’s end, but we’d be glad to check it. For caching WP Super Cache is a good option but it is best to coordinate with your hosting provider as to what caching plugin/setup works best on their sever.

    For the preloader, it should be possible to change it but I will need to confirm with Andy whether it will be easy to replace.

    I will get back to you on this.


    Anthony Pike
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    Hi Anthony,

    It appears to be the images that are causing the issue. What are the original sizes when uploading to WordPress?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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