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  • Mark Pendlebury

    hi everyone,

    Is there a way to filter the post categories that appear in the general RSS feed?

    My site has 4 static pages and 1 'blog' page. I've used the tutorial method of inserting images as posts and then linking them into a gallery etc. However, they are polluting my RSS feed as they are images that don't link anywhwere its causing an issue as I'm trying to submit my site to a directory to get listed and they are complaining about the feed.

    This is using the header panel drop down and choosing entries RSS. can the link here be tweaked to only pick entries that appear on my blog page and not the whole site?

    I'm going to look for a plugin but maybe someone can suggest and easy and clean way to fix without.

    thanks everyone. mark.

    Mark Pendlebury

    Ok think I have fixed this using 'ultimate category excluder' plugin. Allows specific categories to be turned off from the main feed.


    Glad you've got it sorted Mark. 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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