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    Hi Andy, Shane here again..
    Hey just had a go at updating up to Dynamix 5 but switched back as I noticed many things were changed..
    As you know at elevatedfurniture.co.nz we spent a fair bit of time on customising the theme.
    I guess I’m asking how can I update & keep it all tidy? do I need the storm grey images to achieve the same effect.
    Also the the font etc & visual composer aligning etc.

    Any help on making this a smooth transition would be awesome.
    Or should I just stay at 4.3.2? security is alway a factor.
    guess I should learn the child theme route?

    Cheers Andy


    Hi Shane,

    I’d have to see what it’s doing. It should be a pretty smooth transition either way.

    Is there a time when we can do the switch over or if you provide me with your WP and FTP, I’ll be able to do this for you ( just let me know what time you don’t want this changed and what timezone you’re in ).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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