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  • Nicole Charlton

    Hi there. I am about to launch my site when all of a sudden strange things are happening… It’s as though someone is working in the backend, changing the configurations…?

    1. I am working on the Babies/Lifestyle page – no longer is it displaying the stage gallery that I created in Visual Composer. There are two galleries; one grid and one stage. I can’t seem to create any of my pages for that matter with two galleries (using Visual Composer) Which I did previously. Do you possibly have an explanation why?

    I have emptied caches on my web brewers. Used different ones: safari, Firefox and Chrome…

    Certain settings keep changing for example: the slide sets that have been chosen preciously are jumping around to other slide sets. The alignment keeps jumping around, navigation, and gallery width???

    Here is my login info: http://crimsonphotos.candybox-marketing.com/wp-admin
    USER: nikkic
    PASS: Candy123

    Just to give you a heads up on what I am doing with my galleries – If you go to my “babies/lifestyle” portfolio page, I have created a grid gallery with each image linking to a separate set of images. I have done this for my Weddings Portfolio page too. However the whole things seems to be breaking down. Can the template handle this amount of gallery sets etc??

    Tom ( Support)

    Hi Nicole,

    After a bit of digging I found that if the stage gallery is set to left align, it will break. We are looking into this now. I have set it to normal for now as it is aligned left by default anyway.

    It is not recommended to have over 35 or so images in each slide set, I recommend breaking them up a bit more. As there are so many images and the image sizes are quite large, the script has an awful lot on its hands. Coupled with your server, it has a lot to think about.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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