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  • Jason Lauritch

    I'm trying to use sub bullet points with the dynamix bullets. Similar to this

    • Coffee

      • Tea

    • Milk

    However, I'm unable to get the sub bullets to work … The closet I've got is at this link – http://scenic.k-kominc.com/tree-shrub-care/

    The code I used is as follows.



    <li>Corrective Pruning</li>

    <li>Natural and Shape Pruning</li>

    <li>Tree removal, including debris, chipping and stump grinding</li>

    <li>Disease and Pest Control including:</li>



    <li>Mosquito Control</li>

    <li>Crabapple Scab – a fungal disease that affects fruit, leaves &amp; twigs</li>

    <li>Emerald Ash Borer- Boring insect affecting ash trees in the Mid-west U.S.</li>

    <li>Japanese Beetle – Leaf chewing insect found across the U.S.</li>

    <li>Gypsy Moth Control – Leaf Chewing Caterpillars</li>


    <li>Replacement of disease infested trees &amp; shrubs</li>


    How do I make the sub bullet points within Dynamix list?



    Hi Jason,

    I'm not sure I follow what you're trying to achieve?

    The link have provided shows the bullets indented, is this what you require or not? 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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