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  • Adrian Forster

    HI Andy,

    Top marks on an awesome theme!

    Might you be able to help me switch the the text panel to the left hand side and the image to the right hand side in the stage slider..

    Also is there any way of creating two buttons either side of the object to allow the user to navigate backwards and forwards throught the content..?

    Here is a link to the site i am working on..


    Thanks mate,



    hi Adrian,

    This is an option in the post or gallery slide set. For posts, goto Post Image / Gallery Options -> Additional Settings -> Gallery Image Content and select right or left align. 

    Not either side of the gallery, there is an option to place left/right navigation under the gallery? Pages -> Additional Settings -> Stage Gallery Navigation. 

    Adrian Forster

    I don't think this is an option that is available..

    Also if i choose to add a gallery i loose the background that frames the gallery how i want it..

    I dont understand how to keep the homepage background whilst having stage gallery with the text info to the left and not the right..?

    Perhaps i am being stoopid?!

    Adrian Forster

    yep i was being stoopid..

    found it in the gallery slide set settings.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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