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  • ahnhyeyoung

    I have some problems..

    1. Tabs and tour section is not working well. Because When i click add tab, i can’t. What’s problem?

    2. How can i change each accordion section height?
    I added different height images in the each section. But accoring section height is all same.
    Can i change each section height?

    3. I want to change heading font size and toggle title font size..That was very big.
    But i don’t know how to change css code..
    Where should i add the css code? (themem options -> customize -> custom css?)

    sorry.. i tried to change… but i can’t solve it.. help me.

    Tom ( Support)


    1. I recommend de-activating each of your plugins one by one to find one that may be corrupting the Visual Composer. Are you on the latest version of DynamiX and WordPress?

    2. This is fixed in the latest version of DynamiX.

    3. You can use the Skin Customizer to change the font sizes. See here for more information.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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