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    Downloaded DynamiX 5.0.1 (problem persisted with earlier version too)

    Using Mobile View:
    The old now deprecated Tabs & Tour Elements used to allow ALL the section titles to remain on the top of the element when page is loaded and whenever any section title was selected.

    Still using Mobile View:
    If active Section Title is 1 on page load the other section titles appear on the bottom of the active section (not very convenient if you want user to know there are more section titles to browse.)
    The only solution around this problem seems to be to activate the largest section title on page load, say 3, and shift the order of the sections (this is not very convenient either as the most important section is at the bottom of the list in Tour and to the far right in Tabs).
    Also when the section title 2 is selected the section titles do not remain on top of the element but move below the section.

    Any other solution maybe?



    That behaviour doesn’t happen to me on mobile. The tabs always remain at the top of the content. I do however see that the tables within the tabs will cause issues on phones with smaller displays – this is because tables are not responsive. The only alternative around this would be to use inner rows and columns.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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