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  • Marcos

    Hi Andy, i have tested a lot of things with my problem. I have figured out, that the 3D slider doesnt show up if the Flash Plug IN isnt installed. Off cause! But whats strange is, i have read, that the theme in this case automtically switches to the HTML Slider.

    On my iPad this works, do you have also included a fallback for the desktop version? Cause here it doesnt work. I only see the message that no flash plugin is installed. Perhaps its not included in my version. Remember im on 2.8.3 of dynamix theme.

    If i´m a little outdated could you be so nice and tell me which data i have to replace for tht is working.


    Also a little minor thing. Where (which css hook) can i increase the size of the place of bullets in the pecemaker slider? It seems to be in flash. I only get cropped bullets. So, therefore i have to increase padding around the bullets. Thanks and greetings.




    Hi Marcos,


    As stated in the other post the fallback targets iPad and iPhone only. It should display a message about installing flash instead.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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