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  • vojin p.

    hi andy

    having trouble achieving this specific task:

    i have 3 columns in (via shortcode ed.) on a full width 940px page (not post).

    in the far right (last_col) i would like to have a thumbnail picture 300x226px with lightbox effect (loupe) which when clicked, should open a gallery of 5 images which i made in the gallery slide set (let's call it "SlideSet5").

    lightbox effect i can easily accomplish with shorrtcode editor for a single image, and gallery i can manage to insert wherever i want.

    however i am unable to combine the 2 "effects" into one (similar to grid gallery example on this page http://dynamix.creativeworkz.co.uk/shortcodes/post-galleries/

    do i need to make the posts with these 5 images or?

    i was under impression that in 2.8 one no longer needed to make posts to make simple image "showcase"

    it would also be of great help and a major timesaver if you could make an example of various animation transitions so we can see right away what is suitable for our pages. like this i am spending half a day just to see which option does what.

    please advise




    I would love to come up with all the examples etc but there are too many and my time is stretched so much. 🙂

    The only way I can think of achieving what you're trying to achieve is to have each as an image shortcode – all to have the same alt description but wrap the images you don't want to be shown within a div tag with a display none style. e.g.

    <div style="display:none">[image shortcodes you don't want to be visible on the page]</div> 

    That way you only display one image shortcode and the rest are hidden but within the lightbox they appear because they are in the same group (same alt tag description). 

    I hope that makes some sense. 

    vojin p.

    actually i will place just one photo on the page with loupe effect.

    onclick will open up a "gallery" of x images (however many were placed in the slide set

    is that more precise?

    vojin p.


    on this page


    when you click this image


    it opens up an overlay window with 10 image thumbnails at the bottom.

    how to do this?

    Flickapix Dezign

    thats automaticaly done by prettyphoto,it finds all images on the same page: might i suggest you pay a visit to prettyphoto website where they have various exmaple and a good forum for prettyphoto specific support.


    good luck   🙂

    vojin p.


    just what i needed.


    Sorry vojin, I tink I misuderstood you – I thought you wanted one image on the page and when it opened in the lightbox it had other images in. 

    vojin p.

    ok, no biggie andy.

    that would be great effect and that is what it looks like on your pages.

    when you click on moo10.jpg window pops up and you have other picures there.

    i guess the other photos are from the rest of that page

    you can achieve this by making the photos really small (0x0 px) and hiding them somewhere in the page.

    just make sure lightbox is no and no other effects such as shadow

    hope it helps the others struggling with this.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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