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  • Shane Piaggi

    Hi Andy,
    Shane here hope you are well mate! liking the new Dynamix 5..

    I hired someone to setup the transparent menu for me but I’m hoping to set it back to the storm grey header option as in version 4..
    I’m now using a child theme so hopefully I can add some code? . http://elevatedfurniture.co.nz.
    Also we want to lose the little chain link icon that shows up on hover over the grid gallery thumbnails. http://elevatedfurniture.co.nz/products/chairs/indoor/

    Any ideas would be most helpful… cheers mate & merry xmas


    Hi Shane,

    Instead of changing the margin values, I think it’s going to be better to change the image. The grey bar background image has a white space at the bottom, if you adjust this ( maybe making the grey bar taller, it would resolves this issue.

    Shane Piaggi

    Hi Andy, sorry I’m not following? where would I do this? as nothing seem to change in the header on the menu font colour.

    Also as far as the link icon I guess I’ll just delete the image to remove that?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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