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  • David brown

    i think this is the problem from what i have read — That something in the theme is causing this to happen. Basically im using dynamix and buddypress plugin aswell as events manager plugin. Everything is working fine apart from I cant get the datepicker to be displayed in the events manager section which is running with java, meaning that people won't be able to choose the date when trying to post a new event. Also the big calender uses it aswell so at the moment i am unable to change the month on the calender. ive read forums where numerous people have had the problem and it was always down to one of two things.. either another plugin was causing the problem (i disabled everything to check this) or it was the theme they were using so they were told to go to the theme support to see if it can be corrected.



    I couldnt find anything on this forum but please let me know if anybody has had the same problem and if there is an easy fix when it comes to plugins using java. 


    Flickapix Dezign

    have you checked that date the plugin was last updated,theres alot out there that have been abandoned,anything else in the theme is either ajax in buddypress or jquery & flash in the theme,if you look at the source on the buddypress pages you'll see that basicly very little goes into a theme with the exception of moving a few files into the themes directories,andy managed to resolve any jquery conflicts by using the enqueue technique,id seriously look towards other plugins or the plugin itself.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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