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  • Paul Kunkel

    Let’s say that I have some pages that are entirely in English (with English language logo in the header) … and I want those same pages to display entirely in Chinese (traditional Chinese) with Chinese in the body of the page with a header at the top that displays some words in traditional Chinese.  Can I have two or more headers (in different languages) in the same website (using Dynamix)?


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    I notice that I CAN insert traditional Chinese text in the body of a page or a post  … traditional Chinese characters in the body of a post or page DO read correctly. But traditional Chinese characters inserted into the title of an all-chinese page will NOT display in the title of a Dynamix page or post. Yet those same those same traditional Chinese characters DO display properly in the menu (using WordPress custom menus) .


    Can I have two or more headers (in multiple languages) using Dynamix?
    Can Dynamix display traditional Chinese in the title of a page or post?
    Does anyone have a suggestion?  Must I use a plug-in?


    Hi Paul,


    You can use a plugin like qTranslate which allows multiple languages, this would allow you to translate the menu etc.


    As for the titles, cufon doesn’t support Chinese characters, you’ll need to disable cufon via General Settings.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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