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  • David brown

    The cufon font I have used for the website has seemed to have gone wrong somehow. The size of the font is wrong in different places. You can see examples on my home page where the "recently active members" plugin title is really small.. also the "create" on the left in relation to the events is really small. The first thing i did was to try and amend the style sheet. So I changed this bit of code..


    /* Page Content    */




    /** General *********************************/ 

    p {margin-bottom:10px;}


    h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {margin-bottom:15px;}


    h1 {font-size:24px;}

    h2 {font-size:25px;}

    h3 {font-size:25px;}

    h4 {font-size:25px;}

    h5 {font-size:25px;}

    h6 {font-size:26px;}

    ..but no matter what sizes i change these to it doesnt affect how it appears on the site. Something must be overriding it somehow I guess. Also I cannot find where to change the cufon font since the theme has been updated.. sorry Im sure its obvious and im having a dumb moment!

    The second issue is really just a question.. is it possible to hide which category posts are attached to? I dont really want people to be able to click the category, which then leads them to /category/name of category.  But for my site we are trying to avoid people seeing that as we are putting the link to our posts in pages anyway so have no need for that and it never seems to display very neat when we do it. So when viewing a post i would want all the tags and categories not to be displayed.

    Thanks.. hope all my questions make enough sense. if it helps we are using..

    wordpress 3.3.1

    buddypress 1.5.4

    home page:   http://barcelona-underground.com

    PS thanks for the great theme. Im liking alot of the updates and slowly getting our site looking and working in the way we always wanted it so much much appreciated!!




    I can't access your site at the moment (it's not loading) but those changes should work. 

    As for the cufon font, that can be changed in the Skin Settings now under Cufon Font and you can disable the meta data under Blog Settings -> Meta Data set to disabled? 

    Thanks for the compliment, I'm glad you appreciate it !! 🙂 

    David brown

    Thanks i managed to change the fonts.

    I changed all the font sizes to 1px so i could see if it changes anything but it doesnt. When viewing a single post the title is really big. and other parts of the site.. the ones i mentioned earlier stay as small as they always were.

    Im abit worried about the site not loading, i havent taken it off line or anything :s

    David brown

    Oh and thanks i managed to turn meta data off thanks for that !


    Your cufon font sizes are being overriden in dark-content.css and style-buddypress.css – at least the recent active users mentioned above anyway.

    David brown

    thanks i'll have a look at those files and see if i can change it there

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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