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    Hi there,

    I just got your theme because it really looks amazing! I am relatively new to blogging but had another theme installed before. Update: I solved that problem after watching your video – I had to set it to the WP menu – after that it was fine. I have a couple other questions though

    1) I saw somewhere your description of the string for the contact form but I cannot find it anymore…..  Also, does that also work for the drop down on top or do I have to add a widget for that?

    2) I dont really understand your Widget Gallery – I am lost. I installed it in the sidebar but there is nothing showing up.

    3) What is the original font of your theme – I changed it but want to go back to the original

    4) I look at your website and love the calendar and the Comment widget that circles through etc. I assume that these are extra widgets? Where can I get them? 

    5) I have tried quite a few widgets that were more or less good/ok/bad – some of which slowed WP doen a lot. It would be very helpful if you could recommend (for all of us) the widgets you have found to be good

    Generally, it looks great !!!

    I followed the instruction re unzipping getting the right folder and re-zipping and everything went fine. It is also installed in the right path as mentioned in your instructions. However, when I activate it it looks like as if a part of my old blog is still there – there is a faint outline of the old menus that look like clickable. Also the old heading of my blog (just text no logo) is also still there but in the wrong place. It just looks like totally out of wack.

    I have checked with the provider (bluehost) and they have php 5.2 installed. I have the latest version of WP but it is not a clean install and I have some plugins – I dont want to loose what I already have …..

    Any idea what I should do? Please note for your answer that I am new to this and dont know about coding – I am teaching myself the basics so please dont be to technical.

    Thanks for yor help!


    Hi Christian,

    Q1. The contact form shortcode can be found in the documentation. You can copy and paste this anywhere. 

    Q2. It pulls posts from a category – have you selected a category that contains images associated with the post?

    Q3. Do you mean the title font? If so it's Lucida – you can remove your uploaded font and it will default. 

    Q4. The calendar is default and can be found in appearance -> widgets. The testimonials is a combination of Widget Gallery that contains Quote Shortcodes. You can see how I did that here http://youtu.be/0-MUgzysMLY?t=8m

    Q5. There are 1000's of plugins out there – what were you trying to achieve? 

    To upgrade follow this page – it's the same method you used to install the theme originally. Upgrade Theme Version – you won't lose any data as that is stored within the database. 

    I hope that helps .

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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