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    I wanted to achieve a "Stage Gallery" with a height of 683px for the Homepage.


    Here is what I did:


    1. The picture I upoaded to the WP Media Library has a dimension of 1040x683px.


    2. On the "Gallery Slide Sets"-Page of the backend I made a new "Slide Set" named "Homeslider".


    3. In the field "Image URL" I put in the URL of previous uploaded image.


    Now comes the problem:


    On the frontend (the static Homepage) I always get the following html output:

    <div class="gallerywrap stage-slider-wrap" style="height: 390px;">

    So I checked the file: gallery-stage.php


    There I found (on line 6):


    $DYN_imgheight=$DYN_galleryheight="350"; // Set default Gallery Height


    & on line 18:




    Now I knew why I always got a height of 390px. 🙂


    There should be an easier way of editing these dimensions via the backend.


    So would it be possible in a future update that we can set the "Gallery Height" & "Gallery Width" via the backend on the "Gallery Slide Sets"-Page individual for each "Slide Set" we create?

    (Timthumb is switched off for trying to achieving the best quality results.)


    That would be awesome! 😉





    You just need to change the setting within the Pages -> Additional Setttings -> Image height. Setting the height to 683 will set the gallery to that height. You do not need to modify the code 🙂


    apologize! Great theme & even better support!

    Thanks. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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