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    i have some questions about your theme and modificate it:

    1. is it possible to get the latest versions of the rev slider and visual composer? and does they work with your theme?

    2. can i set the header in this way to show it on mobile devices with the same settings than on desktops (logo left and menu right, background transparent, in one line). the standard layout logo and menu under each other in the middle is not working with my slider layout.

    3. also if i use the flexishape in combination with the revolution slider the bottom part of the flexishape isn’t covered by the slider background i see a bit gray background (only on smartphones and tablets, smaller displays).

    you can see this on your demopage, too:

    4. how can i change the border color of the blockquote? i try to change it via custom css ( .skinset-background blockquote ), but something overwrite it later via inline css. or is their a setting in the customizer?

    thx for tips and regards tom

    Hi @dq-8

    1. You may download your premium copy of Revolution Slider or Visual Composer if you prefer and it should still work with the theme.

    2. This will require custom CSS codes. If you can send over your site’s URL, I can send the CSS fit for your site.

    3. I think this is happening because the row housing the slider is at its max height. One workaround is to increase the height of your flexishape to around 115px from 80px via CSS. Can you please send over your site’s URL and login credentials so I can check the page on your site and give you the correct CSS?

    4. Try to use#content blockquote{ } to set the styles for the blockquote




    1. maybe i explain it work. i only have the included plugins and want to ask (as you answer to my comment on your theme page) for a update of your theme include the newest version of the plugins πŸ™‚

    2. this is a small problem at the moment because i work at the page local on my pc. i attache a image how i want to have the layout for smartphone sand tablets (incl. horizonal screen)


    maybe it’s possible to add a option to change the positions of logo and menu on smart devices in a further update (in my opinion a usp) πŸ™‚

    3. i try it but the triangle only gets a bit smaller. i try also to add a background to the slider element in vc but if you scroll the triangle goes over the content of the rev slider.

    4. thx it works in the way i want πŸ™‚

    5. in which file it the css style for the buttons color styles? i want use a color and want the color i bit darker. or is it better to override it via custom css?

    6. if i use the over option with the image and spotify audio

    regards tom

    Hi @dq-8

    1. It is still unclear to me what you want but if you want the latest version of RevSlider and Visual Composer, it should have come with the theme. You can also download it here:

    2. Try to use this CSS:

    #header-wrap .dock-panel-wrap {
        width: 80px;
        float: right;
        margin-top: 20px;
        border: 0;
    nav.background-wrap.skinset-dockpanel.dock-menu-tabs.acoda-skin {
        margin-left: -300px;

    If this does not work, please send over your site’s URL and login credentials.

    3. Increase the height of the flexishape further or if you can send your site’s URL and login credentials I can personally check the best height.

    5. If you used the ‘Button’ element, you just need to edit the button and color options should show under Button Settings. If your prefered color is not on the list, you can define it using CSS.

    6. I am not quite sure what you mean on this item. Can you please elaborate?



    hello and thx for your tips

    1. sorry for my bad explanation. this actuall plugin i exactlly want πŸ™‚ seems they works fine

    2. this works and i add extra css under mobile #header-logo { margin-top: 1rem !important; text-align: left !important;}

    3. the page is at the moment only local at my pc. via css and .row-shape-wrap.bottom {padding-bottom: 110px !important;} i can move the flexishape to the right position but the problem is that i move all bottom shapes. i write in the extra css class the word “test” and try .test .row-shape-wrap.bottom {padding-bottom: 110px !important;} but it have no effect. have i do something wrong? i use the same layout in the top area than your demo page


    so maybe it’s possible that you try it on your demo and say which css code is the best solution? the problem is only on mobile devices

    5. is their a option like custom button flat? the same design that the custom button outline, only reserve (get transparent and a outline if you make mouse over, and normal it’s colored background)?

    6. sorry. forgot to delete this πŸ˜‰

    i found some extra question and i hope this is no problem. maybe something for the next update

    7. if i use in a row the extra background option to add 3 picture they slide. this is okay. but sometimes the square for the lightbox glow for a moment. i don’t want to show it i a light box and mean that i deactived this option. is their a extra option i must deactived?

    8. the back to top button jumps in the display of mobil devices. he fixed some pixels over the display bottom and if you scroll and the status bar at the end off the display show it jumps up to get again the same space. do you scroll back the happens again.

    regards tom


    3. Can you please try to use this identifier:

    If not, try to use:
    #main-wrap .test

    4. The Button Settings on a button element will also show you options for Button Styles which should present you with options of how you want the buttons to look and behave. Please check it out. If you want further customizations, CSS is needed.

    7. To work around this, add a CSS class to the row then copy and paste this CSS into Theme Options > Custom CSS: (replace ‘Class-of-the-row-you-added’ with the CSS Class you added)

    .Class-of-the-row-you-added i.fa.fa-expand.fa-lg {
        display: none;

    8. I do not particularly see this issue. Can you please explain further or send a screencast?



    hello edcel.

    3. i test this two options, but it doesn’t work. i try to add extra css class to different elements of the visual composer (use version 5.1). if i use the standard elements it does work but all other acoda elements (flexishape, grid gallery, typewriter, list, etc.) doesn’t work with the extra class field. i try this with padding, margin, bg-color, etc. for different acoda elements. doesn’t work and maybe a bug?

    4. yes, i see this option, but i want a button that have a full background color and when i go hover it i want only a border with text in the same color and white background. a different button to the flat button.

    7. maybe i explain it not right. at the moment i use in a row the background slider option. the 3 pictures slide in the right way but sometime the div class acoda spinner and dot1 show for a short time (the square with the arrows) and than go away. if i hide this it doesn’t show on other pages. i i mean if i deactived the lightbox option this buttons to open the lightbox will deactived too.

    8. this “issue” happens if you scroll down and the bottom statusbar from safari hide and then you scroll back a bit to the top. than the “scroll to top button” jumps up to get the same padding to the bottom statusbar than before. if you scroll back the button jumps back to the old position. this happens often on apples mobile devices because they hide the bottom browserbar if you scroll.


    7. i find out that this acoda spinner and dot1 is only show if you move to the right or the left side of the background element and than you can open the background image in a new tab. as i say this option in this element i don’t wanna use.

    thx for tipps thomas

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    // update 2

    7. i.fa.fa-expand.fa-lg {display: none;} this works to hide the spinner but the activ button area of this element leaves. is it possible to hide or deactived it too? because i want this area only as slider not as a clickable element.

    Hi @dq-8

    3. It looks like there is indeed a bug on adding class name on Acoda elements. I have forwarded this to the developer and he is now looking into the issue.

    4. Thanks for elaborating. Use the ‘flat’ button style then copy and paste this CSS for the hover styles you want:

    .vc_general.vc_btn3-color-link_color:hover {
        background: transparent !important;
        color: #000000 !important;
        border: 2px solid #000000;

    Update the text-color and border-color to whatever you prefer.

    7. Try to use this CSS (please still use the class name that you added to the row as instructed before to that it will not affect the other pages:

    .Class-of-the-row-you-added  a.fancybox.action-icons.lightbox-icon {
        display: none;

    8. I still do not particularly see the issue. Can you please provide more information or send a screencast?


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