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  • Mairie d’Arcueil

    Hello there,

    I am using your nice theme for an Intranet. So I could not show the website, nor give you access to the admin to get help.
    So I decided to install my Intranet on the web temporarily, time enough to fix some problems, try some code snippets or new plugins.

    All went roughly well, except : Visual composer won’t work, in the back end it keeps loading and loading and loading….in the front end, many things do not work properly (accordion, tabs…)

    I could see the pages properly on front end though, so I kept working since i was after some bugs, nothing else…. I tried to load latest version of VC (from your latest Themeforest bundle), but it did not work either. So I reverted to the version still working on my Intranet Install at work.. better keep things as similar as possible…

    The bugs I wanted to fix or improvements needed :

    1 – The search engine would not display results : I realized the search engine would not work because of the theme, so I reverted to a former theme (same version) I had already customized somewhat, but less. Bingo, that did it. No more search engine problems

    2 – I had a problem with titles in posts extracts, they won’t stay underneath the photo. This has to do with my customized theme as well. But no such luck as previously, reversing to my former theme did not do it. So I made some changes at one point either in styles.css or elsewhere that still affect those titles, and can’t find what…

    3 – I am using buddypress on this intranet, and I needed to prevent users to edit some fields in the base profile group. After some search, I realized I needed to upgrade buddypress to latest version to use some snippet, which I did, and it worked.

    I was very happy with myself, when I realized the main page had undergone some problems in the process. Some photos stopped displaying, don’t know when really, and there is nothing I can do about it, not being able to work with VC on this web install…

    This last problem may have to do with some plugin called “media-tags” I am using on another page but I m not certain about this, but there is another page not displaying properly although it first did. this is the page that needs the “media-tags”, so this might be a hint. Also I noticed activating this plugin suddenly slowed down everything. Of course I desactivated it promptly, but my main page did not come back at all. (I don’t have this problem on my Intranet problem at work, this is new !)

    I am writing you all this in case you need to understand what I did… (I also tried to make a fresh install with latest version of everything elsewhere, but running in some other problems, so I gave up…)

    Main page : http://cecile.olympe.in
    Page using media-tags : http://cecile.olympe.in/bureau-municipal-compte-rendus/
    Page with spoiler, and font icons not working : http://cecile.olympe.in/livret-darcueil/
    Page using tabs not working : http://cecile.olympe.in/abecedaire-pratique/

    So well, what I need now is :

    – find why pages titles are on the right side of the photo instead of underneath them

    – make visual composer work (front end and back end) would be really nice (although it is working on my install at work, but it does not have the same buddypress install, hope all will go well when I upgrade…).

    Mairie d’Arcueil
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    Mairie d’Arcueil


    Some news….

    About my main page problem (somephotos missing), i discovered a strange thing. They disppear if the Quick chat plugin is not activated !

    Well, I would like to install the theme again, it is version 4.0.2, but I cannot find it anymore. Would you please send it to me ?

    I would very much like to upgrade everything to the latest version, but when I tried, my main page is blank (theme problem, I don’t have this problem with twenty thirteen..).

    Thanks for your help, my intranet test is VERY slow, I hope this has to do either with the host (free for this test…) or VC not working properly. It is reaaly aggravating to be working at this pace…

    Mairie d’Arcueil

    please FORGET this post, and see my new one about titles

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