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  • ZaboRacing

    Here's something…… or a suggestion anyway.

    On my site, I have in the parent main menu a page called 'Galleries', then two child pages coming off that, one called 'Video Galleries', the other called 'Photo Galleries'

    In the parent 'Galleries' page, I would like to put 2 columns with a 'slide gallery' in each, photos in the left column (image source is the category; photo galleries etc), video in the right column, and the gallery going up/down the column instead of the present default sideways gallery.

    Are you following me?

    Now if we can already do that then I apologise….. I havn't got my brain round that one yet.

    But if we can't, then maybe a 'slider/grid' gallery, with the option to have it vertical or horizontal within the shortcodes, might be something to consider for the next upgrade.


    One other thing, would it be possible to get the slider/grid gallery to pick up the thumnail image off the video?

    Presently, if I have a video as the first 'image in a post, it doesn't pick it up on the slider, so I have to put a photo at the top of the post, then the video below that…… which sorta defeats the purpose of a dedicated video gallery.

    An example of what I am talking about is here: http://zaboracing.net/video-galleries/ – the 'Dubai 2010 Day 1' is actually the first image in a grid gallery, but my point is that when you click that image to take you to the post, I have to have an image at the top of the post if I want to create the illusion that it's the video appearing in the grid gallery.

    The photo galleries are actually the same, but that's probably my problem because I'm using SlideShowPro and those galleries are embedded – http://zaboracing.net/galleries-2/

    (Oh, and by all means take a wander around, but please remember I am still building in structure and content, so the site is a bit chaotic)


    I will be setting up something like that soon, I will keep you posted.

    Like the map 🙂 that's me st.thomas!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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