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  • vojin p.

    hi andy

    i am having issue placing video on a page with v2.8.1 theme

    i folloved pdf insutructions and downloaded JW Player and placed three files (player.swf, jwplayer.js, and swfobject.js) in folder http://localhost/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/

    *** there is no yt.swf anymore so you may want to correct that in the instructions

    trial 1

    then i went and created gallery slide set with just video URL and Embed Type filled out.

    selected Stage Gallery in the page, updated the page and reloaded it.


    there is space where video should be but nothing is showing (audio or video)

    tried stock video from JWPlayer "video.mp4" and my own flash video "*.flv"

    tried relative url (still on xampp) = error "video not found or access denied: /wp-content/uploads/video.mp4

    tried selecting and deselecting Autoplay – still nothing

    tried JWplayer and vimeo both = nothing

    trial 2

    grabbed URL from vimeo and made a second slider, selected vimeo embed and …

    it works.

    back to square one

    trial 3

    placed full url in the General settings for JW player (instead of relative) for player.swf, jwplayer.js, and swfobject.js

    placed full url (still on xampp) http://localhost/wordpress/… and now it works

    i think its quite derelict to omit from instructions this *crucial* info

    just wasted 2 hours of my life trying these things out and then writing this post out for some other schmuck who might be battling this issue

    i cannot think i am the only sob who does development in offline environment and that needs this spelled out

    if i am then oh well

    now this brings me to another question – how to format the video player "size"

    in this case i have 640×480 source and would like to keep it that way

    video is streched out to full width and looks squished

    tried remedying this with img height 480 attributes in Additional Settings (All Galleries) without success

    width is still 940px

    please advise




    Unfortunately it's one of those things – I can't cater for every method of using the theme and If I start mentioning local hosts like xampp etc it will confuse the majority who know nothing about them. 

    What gallery are you using, stage? You should be able to reduce the width in the Additional Settings aswell. (I'm sure I had this in 2.8.1). 

    vojin p.

    i cant imagine designing site on the go (live) without local testing, so whether it would be catering for every method or catering for the only proper way to develop a site is another can of worms.

    any serious site must be designed, built and tested prior to going live.

    at least imho

    i have not heard of anyone doing it the other way around, so that is why i cannot even begin to understand how this process would work

    at this point i am still waiting for an answer on this – how to make the video of the specific size

    the specification of width does nothing in those settings (as stated above)


    Hi Guys, 

    I'm not going to get too involved in what has been discussed above. However I will state this, I do NOT have to provide any support whatsoever. If you read the terms of your purchase it states that support is not included with the $40 theme. 

    However, I made the choice to create a support site and provide as much as support as I can manage. I also made the choice to continuously update and improve the theme so that the buyers get further updates, features etc for FREE. These updates/features can take months to complete, what other service/product do you own that gives you that and all for the one off cost of $40.

    It's lucky I have a few users that do appreciate this and they express their gratitude, otherwise I think I would switch to a chargeable support site. 

    Anyway, enough of that. Back to the issues. 

    1) Plenty of people develop their sites online behind "closed doors" using a landing page – much more so than a local server. Most people do not have the resources or knowledge to setup a local server. 

    2) I think there is some confusion here, with "Stage Gallery" and video embedding. I've modified a file for you as jw player was not listening to the width setting. Download here http://help.themeva.com/stage-gallery-frame.zip

    password: dyN@m1x 

    You'll also need to place this code in your style.css. 

    .panel .container img, .panel .container object, .panel .container iframe  {






    Flickapix Dezign

    cheers for that andy,


    i love this theme and the support received,

    isnt a forum a community of like minded people from many parts of the world of varying age ranges and degrees of competance in web design helping each other out the best we can?

    Im going to be frank,ive helped many people here on these forums,im not the developer or designer of dynamix just a plain and simple user,as a user who has made many mods to dynamix,be they good or bad has learned alot through editing the code and experiencing the result,i help those who need it the best i can,along with the author of this great TEMPLATE and many other users who have contributed to helping.Andy could have left support on themeforest and then nobody would have received good support,looking at other top end devs on themeforest,you'd be lucky to even get a reply to support request.

    How many users here have hit donate?

    heres envatos take on support:


    vojin p.

    hi andy,

    i am fully aware that you do not have to provide support – but am *very* thankfull that you do

    that is the reason why i bought your theme as i read through the comments on envato site to see what kind of support is being provided

    they were positive so i felt good about working with you

    and the theme fit my needs

    as a firm believer in direct communication, please understand that i have not asked nor expected you or anyone else to modify "old" version of the theme just for me. all i expected to get is simple and clear reply what can and what can't be done.

    i do thank you for that effort and i appreciate you going the extra mile here

    marc took down his comments so let me know if you want me to do the same

    that we can keep the post to problem = resolution format and keep the drama to whatever soap opera tickles ppl's fancies

    again, thank you for this workaround


    No problem guys – Vojin, you can delete them if needed, it may help people find the answer quicker. Thanks

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