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  • Liz Tomlin

    Hi Acoda,

    My configuration is:

    WP 4.9.1
    Theme: ePix 2.3 By themeva,
    Visual Composer 4.11.2
    Gallery Plugin: Envira 1.7.1
    Slider: Revolution By ThemePunch

    First of all is this the latest ePix version, it doesn’t say it needs updating but I didn’t know where to check on your site to see what is the latest, Envata says it was last updated 21 April 16.

    I have a problem with VC and WP Bakery tell me it’s because I have a very old version of CV (now called page Builder). They say the latest version is 5.4.5. I checked you site to make sure I knoew how to update it and then deactivated, deleted and went to ‘Install Plugin’. However the version available is 4.11.2 which is what I have and what is causing a problem (in FireFox). Obviously an install won’t change anything (well, I tried just in case and it doesn’t).

    Please tell me how I can load the latest version, which I assume ePix will work with? I have a work around for now which is to work in Chrome, but this is not sustainable in the longer term. I think we have the same problem with Dynamix, that is using VC 4.2.2.
    I am wondering if this is because I haven’t the latest version of the themes?

    It would also be useful to know when the theme will be updated.

    Thank you,


    • This topic was modified 1 week, 5 days ago by  Liz Tomlin.

    Hi @lizat

    You can download/install the latest Visual Composer here: http://acoda.com/tmp/js_composer.zip

    Delete/remove the existing Visual Composer before installing the latest plugin.


    Liz Tomlin

    Dear Acoda,

    Thank you!!!

    I’m afraid I posted some feedback on Envato about not the latest VC version. I would like to update it and say you do supply the code, but I don’t see how. Also if somewhere it the documentation, which is usually excellent, had explained that I could get a download from you then it would have saved much grief. I did look, perhaps it is buried or I missed it (if I did I am really sorry) but I think it should be clear if the theme is no longer being developed and what to do about bundled components.

    I have updated the ePix site and all seems well thus far; I shall now update the Dynamix site which is on an even older version of VC.

    Regards…………. liz

    Hi @lizat

    Normally, new version of VC and Revolution Slider is included on each updates of the theme. Since it has been a while since the theme has been updated, VC had to be manually updated using the link that we sent. An update is pending for the theme.

    We apologize for the confusion this has caused. If you run into any issues with your theme, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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