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    There is an update for Visual Composer.

    And…….I am unable to update the plugin.

    Can someone from the team please tell me where can I get a most updated copy of the Visual Composer?

    They get updates almost every week, is there any way or place where we can get the latest copy for future updates?

    Looking forward to hearing back.




    I try to update to version 5.1 and the new version doesn’t work with the theme. if you duplicate rows the layout breaks. so my tip do not update for the moment.

    also there is a bug in the actual 5.0.1 version with the contactform and acoda elements. if you duplictate them the layout breaks, too (only if you use the preset up pages it works). at the moment i can’t find a work around to fix it. :/

    regards tom

    Hi @cnetplanet

    Can you please send over your site’s URL, WP login and FTP login credentials so we can personally test this from our end?

    Hi @dq-8

    Can you please send over your site’s URL and login credentials so we can test this from our end? Also, if you can send screenshots, we would appreciate it.



    @ Acoda Support,

    You guys are so amazing that you don’t even look at the original questions.

    Nothing is broken at my end, so there isn’t anything that needs to be fixed 😉

    All I want to know is that where will I find the most recent version of Visual Composer plugin? THAT’S IT

    I just want to be able to update my plugins whenever there is an update.

    Hi @cnetplanet

    If you want to be able to update the plugin once a new version is ready, purchasing a license for Visual Composer is the best option.

    For now, the latest version that I have for the theme can be downloaded at http://acoda.com/tmp/js_composer.zip

    I have coordinated with the developer to ask for a more recent version of the plugin that works with the theme.



    Woooow…….Exactly the kind of reply I was expecting.

    You have included Visual Composer as a part of your own theme. It is clearly mentioned on your sales page…..maybe you want to have a look at it and read it twice first.

    So this is your responsibility to provide updated plugins which you have advertise as part of your theme.

    I am not asking you to do me any favour……I just want you to provide support which you should to your buyers.

    Again……please confirm if you are not responsible for providing updated version of plugins that come with your theme?

    Hi @cnetplanet

    As mentioned, I have coordinated this with the developer because my hands are also tied since I did not develop the theme.

    The developer is currently traveling with limited connectivity.

    I will update you once I hear from the developer.


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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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