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  • Joao Crispim


    When I click in a thumbnail and it goes to a slider gallery that I set up, in the left side appears the “ways”,

    Let’s suppose:

    “Home/Chairs/”Name of the Chair” ” (

    And I want that instead of when you click in “Chairs” goes to the “Archives”, I want it to go to the Chair pages, where the thumbs appear.

    There is any way that I can change it in backoffice?

    Where it is going:

    Where I want it to go:

    Tom ( Support)


    Are you referring to the breadcrumbs? That lead back to the home page?

    Unfortunately this is not possible to do as you cannot cross a page and post with permalinks and breadcrumbs. They always follow back to the home page from where they were originally coming from. E.g, a post would go back through the category then back home. A page within a page would do the same.

    This is just the way WordPress have set things up unfortunately.

    Sorry I cannot be of any further assistance.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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