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    Ashley Jefferson

    Earlier today, my website was working perfectly. Then suddenly, things started falling apart and I have no idea why.
    As of 9:30pm on 8-1-2015 the following issues occurred:

    1. The side bar on the homepage is not loading.
    2. The shop button on the home page is not visible or clickable
    3. The sidebar on the Contact Us page is not loading
    4. The sidebar on the FAQ page is not loading
    5. The page is taking much longer to load.
    6. On mobile, the homepage is greatly distorted.

    Note: I installed the plugin WooCommerce Print Invoice & Delivery Note. As soon as I noticed the issues, I deleted the plugin (since it was the last one that I installed onto the site). However, the problems still remain.

    I am not sure of how to fix these issues.. But any help at all will be great.

    Many Thanks!


    Hi Ashley,

    It looks like a caching issue. Please try disabling or clearing the cache to see if that resolves it.


    Ashley Jefferson

    Hi Andy!
    Thank you so much for your rapid response!
    It definitely was a caching issue. I thought clearing the cache from the web browser was enough.
    But I actually needed to clear the cache from the website itself.

    Thanks so much for helping me out! Crisis Avoided!


    You’re welcome, I’m glad it’s sorted!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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