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    Hi Edcel,

    Sorry to be a pest. I’ve been working on a test site for the last few weeks but since the message to update to the latest version of VC appeared I’ve suddenly got the white screen of death when trying to view any page in the site from the front end.

    I”ve tried all of the usual fixes:

    1. Switched off all plugins (including VC) and then switched them back on one at a time – website appears on front end until VC is activated.
    2. Uninstalled and reinstalled new version of the theme – white screen
    3. Uninstalled & reinstalled new version of VC (from newly downloaded theme) – white screen
    4. Switched to 2017 theme – website and vc work perfectly
    5. Cleared cache and tried to view in other browsers – white screen
    6. Swept & optimised the database -white screen

    So, the site works (after a fashion) with You Child theme if VC is deactivated and the site works fine if the 2017 theme is used so I’m guessing that there is some sort of incompatibility between VC and You Theme?

    What I don’t understand is that I have 3 copies of You Theme. One is being used on this test site. The other is being used on the test site you saw the other day while the 3rd is being used on a site that is currently live. It is only this particular site that is experiencing the problem.

    If necessary I will delete this test site and start again from scratch with a new database and a new install of wordpress/theme/plugins/etc but I’d rather not do that unless it’s absolutely the last resort so if you’ve any suggestions I’d be very grateful.

    best wishes



    Hi Edcel –

    Just to let you know that I’ve solved the problem. I was using Stage slider in the pages – as soon as I deleted this then no more white screen of death

    However, if you can come up with a fix so that I can use Stage Slider I’d be very grateful as it was a major part of the page layout. I’d prefer not to use Rev slider on this site as I’m trying to make the site as fast-loading and clean coded as possible.

    best wishes


    Hi @heli

    Please send over the URL and login credentials to this site so I can personally check the issue.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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