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    Hello, it’s me again.

    Demo page on my site : http://www.myfit-brest.fr/myfit-v2/yoga/

    Works fine. 100% of the image width is visble, part of its height is hidden, partly by the menu, partly because the page is not high enough to show the entire height. Fine.

    My page : http://www.myfit-brest.fr/myfit-v2/

    Best seen on slide #4, the banner on the bottom is just wide enough to see all the text.
    Slide #1 should be the same but for a reason I don’t know, you don’t get to see the banner on the bottom of the background image, wether I set Background Vertical Position to Bottom or not in design options of the row.

    Both background images are the same exact size (demo and my page), settings of each row is the same too. (May vary when you’ll look at it as I am trying everything I can to make it work)

    Why does the background image in my case appears to be upscaled by 50% at least ?

    Site’s max width is also set to 1600px, the exact same width of the background images, in cas it would change something but no.

    On slide #2 it works better, althought the background image is a bit upscaled too, but only by 10-20%

    I am getting really annoyed to stumble on those settings for hours.


    Ok I got part of the reason my page does not behave like the demo, I use “Snap Scroll Vertical” animate type.

    But I don’t get why it zooms my background image, there is no need to, and it makes the image look ugly (too much upscaling of a JPG file) and hide part of its content I would like to display. The background image appears to be widen up to 1905px. Why is that ?


    <div class="vc_parallax-inner skrollable skrollable-between" data-bottom-top="top: -50%;" data-top-bottom="top: 0%;" style="height: 150%; background-image: url('http://www.myfit-brest.fr/myfit-v2/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/row-piscine-slogan-1600x900.jpg?id=340'); top: -34.4017%;"></div>

    Why does the height of the image is 150%, I understand that to be displayed on a screen with 1920px of width, if the image width is 1600px, it has to be zoomed but not by 150%, 2400px is overkill when 1920 is needed.

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    Hi @lomic

    Can you please send over your site’s URL and login credentials so we can check how you have formatted the page so far?


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    Were you able to figure out the issue? The page I am seeing now is different from the page that you sent yesterday.

    Can you please elaborate?



    I went around that issue by using Revolution Slider instead of building the page solely with VC.

    Thanks for your help.

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