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  • Mike Orfanidis

    Hi all,

    I needed to add an extra sidebar at the top of the page (demo link)


    in order to provide the users with a different version of the Logo section in their language, using a plugin called "Polylang" that enables versioning of the widgets for every language. So I' ve added a new entry to the functions.php at the "create sidebars" section.

    The Only problem is that I didn't know where exactly to call for the widget… So I' ve registered it in the header.php and – obviously – it appears in the head section. 

    What I would like is for the widget to be the first element to appear in the body section

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.!



    Hi Mike,

    You can add extra sidebars via DynamiX ->  General Settings.

    Then add to the header.php file (where you want it)

    <?php get_sidebar ('sidebar4'); ?>

    4 being the number of the sidebar you place the widget in. 

    Unfortunately I can't really help much more than that as it's a customisation. 

    Mike Orfanidis

    Hi Andy,

    I've already registered a custom sidebar – as shown in the link.

    My question basically, was how to avoid showing the widget  in the header…

    I want it to be – as it should – the first element inside the body tag

    But that's OK, I"ll figure it out (somehow…)

    Anyways, thx for the quick response.!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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