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    It would appear the shortcode system overrides a couple of the options in the standard WP editor, where the functionality overlaps – the two that have annoyed me the most are the block quotes, and the lists (ul/ol/li).

    My site users are not savvy enough to figure out the shortcode generator, they’re used to clicking the standard buttons – is there a way I can get the relevant short codes to replace the underlying functionality of the standard buttons?  I like the features provided by the shortcodes, it would be great if they became part of the editor toolbar rather than a separate module below the text space.

    Alternatively, is there a way to get the standard buttons to work again – I like my block quotes to span the page like a line break.  At least then I'd have the choice of both!

    As a side note, Block Quote (Centre) shortcode doesn’t seem to work (it just stays left), and it is definitely broken if it is anywhere near a list (it leaves the bullets left and indents the text out past the quote).

    Overall this theme has been amazing, I’ve purchased a lot of themes for many sites and this is one of my two favourites! Well done!



    Thanks for posting on here. 

    If you edit DynamiX/style.css and search for this line 

    #content ul li {margin:0;padding:2px;list-style-image:none;list-style:none;}

    Change it so it reads the following 

    #content ul li {margin:0;padding:2px;}

    If you want to apply a default style to it you could copy one of the styles from below that line of CSS. e.g.

    #content ul li {margin:0;padding:2px;background:url(images/list-icons-blue.png) -120px 1px scroll no-repeat;}

    would give you blue arrow as default. 

    As for the block quote – how would you want it styled? Here is a link to a few http://www.cssnewbie.com/six-ways-style-blockquotes/

    You can just add one of them to the style.css file.

    I'll take a look at the block quote center option. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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