Best WordPress Photography Themes

If we look at the world of internet, we will notice that on a global scale, more than 25% of websites are powered by WordPress. And that’s not all; WordPress also powers a majority of renowned news sites.

We all wonder what makes WordPress so popular among website owners and designers. The answer is the fact that WordPress brings along a stupendously easy to use interface. And then is a plethora customization options using a huge variety themes, numerous plugins, and if you want, you can even write a code of your own!

The best part is that non coding website owners can also search for WordPress tutorials which can guide you build a complex looking WordPress based website, which will actually be quite simple to develop. Keeping the development portion aside, today we will talk about the world of WordPress themes, and explore the best themes we have come across, themes that will be a fad in 2017.

And today, we will talk about a theme dedicated to one of the most enjoyed and loved hobbies in the world: photography. Photography themes bring along pictures that are worth not just a thousand words, they will actually make you go speechless at the first glance. Although a lot of these, actually most of them come at a price, but trust us when we say it, they are worth every penny.

Although Instagram is also a good platform to share photographs, but there are some avid photographers who want something more, people who are looking for a bigger platform where their photographs don’t need to be compressed, and can be showed in their full resolution. This is right where a photography WordPress theme comes in handy.

If you’re looking for a specific portfolio theme, view our collection of the best wordpress portfolio themes.

So now, let’s talk about some of the Best WordPress Photography Themes developed by avid programmers across the world. One thing that we realized while looking at all these themes is that it there is a lot to choose from, so we’ve shortlisted them to help you find the best photography WordPress theme for you. Furthermore, there will always be more than a couple of themes that will suit your requirements the best.

You | Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme

“You” is an amazing, multipurpose WordPress photography theme that boasts of plentiful features. Being a responsive theme, “You” is both optimized for desktop as well as mobile based devices. Creating stunning designs on this theme is amazingly easy.  Media, gallery, audio/video embedding, image styles, content of all sorts, the options are limitless, really. This is one of the few themes out there with a focus on load speed, the websites developed on “You” load in a jiffy on the device of your choice and thus offer a great user experience.

If you talk about design flexibility, “You” is definitely going to be your favorite photography based wordpress theme. Not only do you get limitless design options, you can also create the websites based on this theme very quickly and easily. Thanks to the Skin Customizer and plenty of theme options, you will be able to create a website exactly how you thought it to be in your mind. You can make your own designs and not settle for the standard over the shelf designs. Be it ecommerce based plugins or of other sorts, you will be surprised by the level of variety “You” has to offer to its customers.

And then there is the amazing option of Ajax sliders and posts, helping your page load faster with large images. This feature enables you to select which posts you want to load initially. This way, you can increase the page loading speeds of your website. Ajax sliders and posts also let you choose how many images load with each scroll or “click to load more” option.

Wait, there’s more! When you start using “You”, you will notice a great feature named Flexishapes. Flexishapes allows you to give your content a unique layout such as slanted, curved, and even bent!

Say goodbye to the regular mundane square or rectangular layout, and welcome a world of unique layouts and intrigue the interest of your website visitors at the first glance!

And that’s not all; with plenty of video tutorials and documentation, you can easily learn how to build websites using the “You” wordpress theme. And you will also get support from the help desk comprising of experienced and professional tech support experts.

You Theme firmly makes it to the top of our list of Best WordPress Photography themes.

Oshine WordPress Theme

Oshine is an innovative, resourceful and attractive WordPress theme that boasts of a striking multi layout along with a multi-purpose portfolio. If you are an amateur photographer or freelancer photographer and looking for photography based website, The Oshine WordPress theme is going to be a good option for you. With a flexible design and plenty of inbuilt features, you can create an attractive website using Oshine theme. What’s more? You also get 50 drag & drop modules for page building, limitless color options, and many other features, you can create a website of your liking effortlessly.

The developers behind Oshine theme have also empowered it with 16 unique demos that depict how versatile Oshine can be. The demo is also very useful to guide you through the initial setup and to assist budding website designers to create a site without much trouble. It won’t be an overstatement if we say that Oshine is packed with all the necessary tools that can make your photography website mark its own territory among the rest, a worthy addition to this collection of photography wordpress themes.

Two Fold Photography WordPress Theme

The first thing you’ll notice about the Two Fold Photography, or TWFLD as they like to call it, is that it is a fullscreen based photography WordPress theme.

Two fold photography packs a powerful punch of 7 different home page layouts, with each layout strikingly beautiful and loads customization options. You can include color changing logos, animations of your choice, and a lot more! From the Kenburns, to slider with thumbnails and cube effect, you can choose any layout of your choice. Each layout is versatile enough to suit your particular photography based website. Creating an enticing homepage is now just a click away!

And there are 6 different album and gallery layouts which are further customizable in as many ways as you want. Each album layout brings along a unlimited customization options. So even of two given website owners are building a webpage on same layout, their personal taste will lead to a different result, which will look completely different from the other one.

Like with many of the WordPress Themes in this collection, the gallery and album layout options provided get multiple Grid styles and Masonry Styles.

If you want to, you can group two or more albums together and show them on your webpage in the form of a collection. Two fold photography theme offers you the collection pages with custom filters. The three collection layouts are Horizontal Photo List, Masonry and Horizontal Albums. Filters are extremely useful to ensure easy and quick navigation.

Apart from that, you also get 3 different hover effects for each webpage. The way an image responds when the mouse hovers over it can make or break user experience. And Two Fold Photography wordpress theme has made sure that the user always gets a memorable experience.

Furthermore, you also get 3 blog layouts where each layout offers different pagination options, button customization options and literally unlimited scroll options.

Clean Photo – Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

Designed by Elite Author, Clean Photo is a Photography WordPress Theme that has garnered more than 1800 satisfied customers till date, and the number is still growing. What’s more, from Slider Revolution to Visual composer to ACF Pro Plug-in, you’ll get a plethora of plugins that can make your website as versatile as you want it to be.

The best thing about the Clean Photo is that the developers of this WordPress theme have focused on the most important part of a website – the content. Just think about it, what good a website’s layout would be if it doesn’t display the content with main focus on it. Content is everything, and Clean Photo has made sure the theme gives proper justice to it. And then again, the designs are handcrafted by expert developers who also happen to have deep love for art. Things just can’t get better now, can they?

Plus, with two menu styles, different headers and many sliders, you can design your webpages using all the possible permutations and combinations.

And when it comes to the way the portfolio list is displayed, you get three options to do so: Full width, two columns and three columns. You can also choose to show the portfolio images as thumbnails, slider, 2 columns or full width, an essential for themes showcasing photography.

And just in case you are looking for a responsive design, clean photo saves the day once again. And if you are wondering whether Google approves it or not, it does.

So, in a nutshell, Clean Photo brings out a modern design with its main focus on the content. To make it possible, the developers have created various layout designs, multiple theme options & different styles for sections.

John Black Photography WordPress Theme

If you are looking for magnificent fullscreen photography theme powered by WordPress, John Black Photography is going to be a good find for you. With premium quality design and a wide array of functional and practical features, you are surely going to love the moment you start creating your website on this theme. The readymade design of this theme will definitely help you post your favorite photographs in an impressive way. When you’ve got pictures to share with your site visitors, you’ve got to get everything right. A picture is worth a thousand words; and one wrongly step can ruin the whole experience. John Black makes sure it doesn’t happen.

Let’s take a look at what makes John Black such an amazing and powerful theme and a great addition to our collection of photography WordPress themes.

The first thing is the custom slider. You may have come across many versions of sliders; some are full screen, while some are fixed. Although John Black offers the first kind, they have amped up the game to a whole new level. Through the thumbnails, you can see all the images. But that ain’t all over there, just hide the element options, and you’ll get to see the entire photo.

The next comes the way you can design your gallery. With three layout options: Grid, flow and ribbon, you can converge the attention of your audience right where it matters the most: the content. The layout looks amazing on all screen resolutions.

Plus there are options to choose from light of dark skins. So whether you want your website to go with the photographs, or complement them or be in contrast with the overall layout, the choice is all yours. The options are galore, and the decision is yours to make.

And then there are features such as the GT3 page builder plug-in, password protected gallery (for professional portfolios), keyboard support, responsive design, and amazing technical support through help desk and detailed documentation.

Verve: The High Style WordPress Theme

If you look at websites designed on the Verve theme, there is only word that will come across you mind, and the word is Awesome! Verve offers an entirely different sort of web experience to the website owners and the site visitors. The video tutorials offered by Verve are always at your disposal if you get stuck at any point in the journey of creating your website. Verve is here to make your content shine, where are you?

You must have seen navigations of all sorts, and Verve can be defined in one word: carousal. And just in case you want to make things a little bit twisty and unusual, you also get hidden navigation in Verve.

And then there is stylish blogging. Say goodbye to the regular, mundane blog formats you see spread all across the internet. Verve is here to make normal take a break and make everything as stylish and striking as possible.

Looking for awesome portfolio designs that make your photographs stand a class apart from the crowd? Verve has got just the right thing for you.

Let’s see what makes verve so great to use as a theme, and why it offers such an amazing user experience.

The first thing you’ll notice is its One Click design. With Verve, you won’t have to spend endless hours to create pages the way you see in the previews. You can create all these pages with one click. That’s right, one click is all you need to do, and you don’t need any additional plug-in to do so.

Video tutorials that talk to you! While Verve offer extensive documentation to assist you with your first website building experience, they take things a step ahead and also offer you video tutorials on their YouTube channel. We recommend you to go through these video tutorials before you actually try your hands at your first Verve Photography WordPress Theme.

If you happen to be an avid photographer and like to maintain a blog to share your stories, Verve is at your service to help you find the best suited layout for your blogs. Just choose the one that suits your taste from a huge variety of layouts, and start blogging!

Portfolio items, team members, slides, and testimonials, you name it, and Verve has got it. Content creation and management has never been this easy before, a great addition to this collection of WordPress themes.

Etudes WordPress Theme

This photography WordPress theme was particularly designed to display your work so website viewers don’t get distracted from the content of the website. This attractive design is perfect for both kinds of photographers, those who do it as a career and those who do it as a hobby. Boasting of copious amounts of photo galleries, Etudes enables you to show your work in the most eloquent way possible. And then there is the journal section, where you can upload as much content as you want. And then there is a wide array of layout options to choose from.

Now, it’s time to see what makes the Etudes WordPress theme so special.

The first thing that you’ll notice is the multiple components. Using these components you can create the best design for your website using same style.

Play with blocks! No we are not talking about Lego blocks here. The fact that your content can be displayed in various blocks, which can be further arranged in as many permutations and combinations as you like is a win-win situation for both you and your website visitors.

Plentiful of pre built page layouts can ease up your task of choosing a layout that suits your work and your requirements perfectly. With 5 “About” pages and 4 “Contact” pages, you can select the one you like the most and beautify it with your content. See, in the end, content is everything.

Speaking of content, your galleries, albums, and blogs are your power tools to make your website a great place for your website visitors and give them a great user experience.

And just in case you were worried about SEO perspective, don’t worry, Etudes theme is developed keeping SEO in mind.

Grand Photography Theme

Say hi to a fresh breeze in the world of the repetitive themes with same old layouts. With more than 100,000 happy customers to its credit, Grand Photography has become a trusted name for a majority of freelancers and photographers who are looking for building a website that displays their work expressively.

When it comes to gallery designs to choose from, Grand Photography theme really packs a punch with more than 144 predesigned galleries. So you don’t have to build a gallery design from scratch. With so many designs at your disposal, you will surely find the best design matching your needs. And just in case you don’t find the right design, which is highly unlikely, you can also build your own without much hassle.

Say goodbye to the tacky and jittery scrolls with the smooth parallax scroll, which also renders each page at a speed of 60 fps.

Grand Photography also features YouTube and Vimeo support. Apart from that, you can also group your albums together and make a collection to put on display for your visitors.

And thanks to the WooCommerce plug-in, you can convert your website into an ecommerce website where you can also sell your photographs and artwork.

And when we discussed collections where you can bring a number of galleries together, you will galleries to do so, right? Grand Photography also supports a direct purchase link to the galleries so that visitors can buy your artwork directly from the slideshow.

With live content builder, you can create beautiful pages quickly and easily. The keynote like interface makes everything easy where you get content inspector and preview changes on the go.

Nowadays, people like to visit websites on the first device they can get their hands on. And in current times, that device is the smartphone, the amazing gadget in our pocket. So, it was inevitable for the tech savvy people working behind Grand Photography to make it responsive and useable on all sorts of screens. If you come to think about, you’ve got to make responsive websites, or you won’t get as much visitors as you expect. Grand photography saves the day, and thus, has turned out to be one of the most preferred themes for a majority of photographers.

And just in case you have any ideas of your own, you can also customize the Grand Photography theme as per you liking and give it a completely unique and personal touch. The result would be a beautiful website that oozes with individuality and a personal touch. We all love individuality, don’t we?

SolarWind Photography WordPress Theme

With thousands of live websites and more than 37 thousand satisfied customers to their credit, SolarWind is known as a stunning photography theme that brings along unlimited possibilities. To give your website a clean and minimalistic look, it is very important to have plenty of white space.

For photography themed websites, it is very important to keep the focus on the main content. And that is why websites with minimalistic approach have always been popular among photographers. Minimalistic websites also have various advantages. First of all, minimalistic website designs load faster than the conventional designs. Secondly, they keep the visitors’ focus on the content of the website, and not anywhere else. SolarWind has been developed keeping these factors in mind, and we recommend you to give it a try. You can thank us later.

Let’s what are the strong points of the SolarWind photography WordPress theme…

The custom SolarWind full screen slider supports not just images, but videos too! Now you can present your artwork to the website visitors in the most dazzling and captivating way.

Have you heard of the ribbon slider? If yes, then you know how versatile and efficient it can be for your website. If not, then we must tell you it is a great way to drag and drop your images onto the slider and just let the magic begin.

The album feature lets you post your favorite moments and photographs and put it on display for the site visitors. You can create as many albums as you like.

When it comes to the album layout, SolarWind gives you a lot of options with masonry and grid layout being the top contenders. Out of these two options, masonry layout is highly recommended as it lets you display plenty of content without making the page look stuffed and crowded.

And then there is an amazing layout called the striped page. Give a different background to different stripes and add a back link to any page you want.

In case you don’t want the standard page layout, you can also go for the fullscreen layout that makes your blog stand out from the ordinary.

And SolarWind doesn’t stop at just full screen blogs. Even your portfolios can be displayed in full screen mode.

And that’s not all; let’s take a look at other features offered by SolarWind:

·       Latest WordPress updates on regular basis

·       Page template customization

·       Plenty of inbuilt plugins

·       HTML5 along with CSS code

·       Responsive design

·       Retina Display

·       SEO Friendly design

·       Contact Form 7 support

·       WooCommerce support

·       Mailchimp support

·       No charges for post sales assistance

And a lot more!!

Napoli: Modern Photography Portfolio Theme

Napoli was among those WordPress themes that welcomed the Christmas season and then the New Year with a Bang! The release version 1.5 came packed with 7 new amazing homepages. That’s 7 more pages to infinite gallery homepages already available on Napoli. Napoli also features layouts in filmstrip layout, which gives the gallery homepage a unique look and easy navigation.

If you are looking for gallery previews on the homepage, you get to choose big thumbnails. And by big, we mean really big, and not just your usual size thumbnails. And then you have the split slider homepage. All in all, you will get the most stylishly designed homepages, designs that are no less than those made in a creative studio.

And then there is the strikingly beautiful “coming soon” page for all your upcoming photographs or offers. Price, package deals, whatever you want to include in your 2 column layout, or the 3 column one, Napoli lets you do it all with minimum effort.

If you find it hard to design a website on your own, Napoli also offers 12 amazing handcrafted demos for your aid. The preview gallery, photo gallery with an option to share the images, different album styles, WooCommerce integration to add E-commerce feature to your website, you get it all in Napoli. What’s not there to love this amazing theme!

Apart from that, you also get 10 interesting hover styles: Gray Scale, Rotate, Sepia, Opacity, Slide, Blur, Blur + Gray Scale, Zoom + Gray Scale, Zoom Out and Shine. Apart from that you also get Dark Style.

And just in case you were wondering about SEO perspective of Napoli, we must tell you that this is one of the most SEO friendly themes you will ever come across.

And then are features such as booking calendar, page builder, one click installation, video support, extensive online documentation, amazing UI/UX, limitless customization options, Google maps, call to action, social media integration, and a lot more.

Borano Photography / Portfolio WordPress Theme

Borano brings HTML version 5 to showcase your work in the most stylish way you can possibly imagine. The video updates included in the 1.2 version of Borano allow you to include video portfolio page, video horizontal slider, and an updated portfolio single style 6. This update also brought along updated thumbnail gallery layouts and fullscreen view for images.

You can choose from light or dark theme depending on the mood of the photography, while also keeping in view the fact that light theme loads faster than the dark theme and also keeps the visitors’ on the content and doesn’t create much distraction. But in case you like to use dark theme, you will not be disappointed by the performance of this version either.

Today, any website that isn’t responsive can’t expect to live a long life on the internet. And thus it becomes inevitable for website owners to make sure that their websites are responsive and can be viewed from screens of all platforms and sizes an essential for all WordPress themes showcasing their portfolio.

And just in case you are not an avid designer and find it hard to take the first step towards building your website, Borano brings video tutorials for you to refer to.

Let’s see other features available on Borano:

·       Multiple Slideshows

·       Light/Dark Theme

·       Keyboard and Mousewheel Navigation

·       Horizontal Gallery

·       Justified Gallery

·       Landing Pages

·       Gallery and Portfolio Homepage

·       YouTube Homepage With Controls

·       Albums

·       Lightbox (YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5 support)

·       Personal Pages

·       Smart Grid For Galleries And Portfolios

·       5 Project Pages

·       Filterable Portfolio

·       Handcrafted Design

·       Clean Code With Comments

·       Easy to customize

·       Fully responsive

·       Retina Ready

·       Working Contact Form

·       Google Map

·       Google Fonts

·       Responsive video

·       Powered with Bootstrap

·       Well Documented

Photonic: Fullscreen Photography Theme

If you are a professional or amateur photographer, a visual artist, or an architect, you will definitely love the Photonic Photography WordPress theme. If you are looking for a theme that can help you build a photo centric website, this is where you search ends.

Many budding photographers, freelancers, professional photographers and creative companies have their websites designed on Photonic.

The first thing you’ll notice while using Photonic is its full screen layout. And not just one, you get 10 full screen layout types to suit your taste and genre. You can choose your favorite header from 4 different headers, which can be used either all across the website, or a different header for each page.

Packed with beautiful portfolios, speed optimization, photo proofing, client management, page color control, responsive design, WooCommerce integration, SEO compatible, intuitive controls on themes, password protected galleries, shortcode generator, page builder, online and offline documentation, one click demo import, quality support, help guide, and many other features, Photonic is your best buddy when it comes to making websites based on photography themes.

Photonic theme is purely meant for photography based content. Be it the Display Filterable, Ajax portfolio, Lightbox or any other feature, Photonic does it all. Multiple columns support ranges from 1 column to 4 columns, and then there are event galleries, ecommerce integration and video integration for YouTube and Vimeo (HD also supported for both platforms), static images and what not!

Widget Support: Address, Images, Social media icons, Flickr, Gallery, Event Lister, Popular Posts, Video, and Recent Posts.

Fliper: Photo Fullscreen WordPress Theme

Fliper is a wonderful photography WordPress theme you can use to express your extraordinary creativity. It won’t be an overstatement to say that this theme is the best solution for building a tempting portfolio. So it is best suited for models and fashion photographers. The Fliper template also comes with a fullscreen slider and a lot of other wonderful types of galleries that allow you to make a fashionable presentation of your projects.

The Fliper Slider: the updated version of the Fliper slider lets you add images and videos of your choice. Fliper understands your artwork must be presented in an eye-catching way, and that’s exactly what it does.

The Flow Gallery: The flow gallery makes each and every image fit any screen resolution. The overall outlook of the gallery enables you to keep your website visitors focused on the images, and not anywhere else.

Gallery Albums: There is no better way other than a gallery to share your work and memories captured in pictures. Fliper lets you create as many albums as you want, and that too without any hassle.

Masonry Portfolio and Gallery: While Fliper offers a wide range of options to display your artwork, the theme developers recommend you to choose the masonry style layout where you will be able to show all your content and still save a lot of space. Webpage should look tidy and spacious, and masonry does a remarkable job!

Real Proportion: if you want to display your photos in their real proportions, whether it’s they are in landscape or portrait orientation, the real proportion features saves the day for you.

Advantages of Fliper:

·       Latest WordPress

·       Custom Page Templates

·       Built-in Drag & Drop GT3 Page Builder Plug-in (built-in)

o   Built into the Theme

o   Installed Automatically

o   Simple and Intuitive

o   Easy to Use & Modify

o   Tons of Modules/Shortcodes

o   Build Custom Page Layouts

o   Drag & Drop Page Modules System

o   Custom Settings in Modules

o   Time Saving System

·       Responsive

·       Retina Ready

·       HTML5 & CSS Code

·       High Speed & Extra Optimized

·       Coded with SEO in Mind

·       One Click Demo Import

·       Translation Ready (.po .mo files)

·       Color Management

·       Google Font Support 600+

·       Advanced Theme Settings Panel

·       Cool Animations

·       Photo Album Listing

·       Photo Albums Title

·       Grid Photo Gallery

·       Masonry Photo Gallery

·       Kenburns Fullscreen Slider

·       Custom Landing Page

·       Striped Photo Page

·       Ribbon Gallery

·       Flow Gallery

·       Gallery Albums

·       Grid Portfolio

·       Masonry Portfolio

·       Unlimited Number of Custom Portfolio Item Pages

·       Isotope Support in Portfolio

·       Coming Soon Page

·       Standard Blog (left/right sidebars)

·       Custom 404 Page

·       Before/After Module

·       Contact Form 7 Support

·       Mailchimp Support

·       PSD Files Included

·       Extended Documentation

·       Free After Sale Help (forum and ticket system)

And a lot more!!!

So next time when you wonder which theme you should choose to display your artwork in the most remarkable way, rest assured that Fliper has got your back. With plenty of features and in built plugins, it would be hard for you to miss out on this amazing theme which can actually make things easy for you, and save your time while building a website that is not just responsive, but saves you a lot of time too. Yes, Fliper comes for a price, but when you realize how functional it is, you’ll know it’s worth every penny.

Mauna – full screen portfolio & agency theme

When you think of a photography WordPress theme that is also an ecommerce website, you are thinking of Mauna. Whenever you are thinking of a website that can be great for portfolio management for models and agencies alike, you are thinking of Mauna.

First things first: when someone is going to build the very first website of their life, what’s the first thing they need? The answer is to learn how to do it. And this is right where Mauna comes in handy. With six demos which can be imported with just one click, and many more demos coming soon, Mauna has got your back from your first step onward.

Fonts: thanks to Google fonts, you get amazing typography options to make your content even more appealing to the visitors’ eyes. Say goodbye to mundane times New Roman or other such old fonts. You are one of a kind; your site is one of a kind, so your fonts should also be the same way, right?

Mauna lets you make a statement without saying a word. In simple words, Mauna is a visual treat for your visitors. This unique theme was released keeping all sorts of creative businesses in mind. Creative work is a line of business in which you have got to do amazing work and present it in an even more interesting way.

In its true essence, Mauna is full screen photography and portfolio WordPress theme focused at all the amazing creative minds in the world. It is the perfect platform for the creative people to allow their creativity and innovative ideas run freely on the screen of website visitors.

Being art lovers, we believe an artist faces the toughest time of his life when he has to put his work on display for others to judge it, like it, or leave it. We know not every piece is as great as another in the mind of a spectator, but to an artist, each and every work he has ever done is his pride possession. And we want you awesome guys to feel free to share whatever you want, any which way you want. Mauna makes it possible.

Let’s take a look at the features offered by Mauna:

·       Unique and Fresh Design. Portfolio Related

·       Fully Responsive & Retina Ready

·       High Speed & Extra Optimized

·       Coded with SEO in Mind

·       Unique homepage (s)

·       Intriguing Decorations

·       Custom SVG Decorations

·       Home Parallax Effect

·       Ken Burn Home Effect

·       Multiple Mauna Slider Effect

·       Single portfolio view (x2)

·       Portfolio Gird

·       Portfolio Rows

·       Portfolio Masonry

·       Portfolio Full Screen

·       Great Blog

·       Horizontal Default Page

·       Vertical Default Page

·       Announcements / News

·       Vertical Slider (About)

·       Robust Typography Options

·       Customizable Colors

·       Revolution Slider Included

·       Latest WordPress Compatibility. Tested

·       Translation Ready (.po .mo files)

·       Google Font Support 600+

·       Free Support

·       Free Lifetime Updates

Modesto: Portfolio, Photography, Agency Powerful WordPress Theme

Modesto is a unique portfolio and agency WordPress theme that boasts of a unique design, 24 stunning home pages, responsive design, limitless and easy customization options, a huge collection of creative sliders, handy headers and footers, and 51 demo pages. Yes, you read that right, 51 demo pages.

Modesto is a minimal & innovative WordPress theme which is a great match for agencies, portfolios & photographers (professional and amateur). The progressive design blended with flawless organizing abilities makes the task of content addition and managing very easy and time and cost effective. The versatility of Modesto reaches to an extent that you can use it for freelancers, designers, corporate websites, and even studios. Modesto is a fully responsive theme and can be customized with ease.

What makes Modesto so fast and reliable is the fact that it was developed by passionate and experienced coders. They put their heart and soul in preparing a light source code that will make the compiling, loading and execution of this theme possible at blazing fast speed.

The page is list is so extensive that we were swept off our feet when we tried our hands on Modesto. It comprises of 24 home pages, 4 about us pages, 4 services pages, 7 portfolio pages, 5 portfolio detailed pages, 4 blog pages, 3 blog detail pages, 2 contact us pages, 2 coming soon pages, and unlimited pages that you want to create on your own.

Apart from all this, you also get 10 unique animation styles that you won’t find anywhere else on the internet. 4 vertical sliders with their own unique animation styles will surely leave your visitors awestruck.

Did someone say middle pages? Yes, you get 9 of them, so that you can go the generic way while staying as unique as you want. And then there is the Megamenu, custom widgets, video backgrounds, CSS/HTML validation, Google Fonts, Fonts Awesome Vectors, Parallax, Filterable Portfolio, contact form builder, awesome hover effects, automatic backups, and a lot more!!! The list is never ending, and we are reviewers, not content writers 😉

Modesto, in our opinion, is the best suited name for this theme. With so much power under the boot, this theme still looks light, fast and so pleasing to the eye that you won’t even notice the mighty roar this bad boy is hiding in the background. There are many themes out there in the market which are not even halfway to their course to mach Modesto, and the developers are all praise about it and say big words about them. But not Modesto, we have already fallen in love with it for its functionality and versatility. Use it once, and you’ll know what made us go gaga over it.

Viewpoint – Fullscreen Photography WordPress Theme

Featuring a superbly designed fullscreen layout and proportional galleries, Viewpoint definitely comes across as a progressive photography theme. Viewpoint boasts of organized coding and an everlasting design.

Viewpoint was created keeping one important group in mind, the photographers. The overall design is sleek and minimal in appearance, which keeps the central focus of viewers on the pictures. The same designs also work as a beautiful frame to display the pictures in an organized and clear way. And then there is smooth scrolling, which really brings out the best of each photograph that takes the center stage. As far as setting up the theme and using it is concerned, you’ll find it amazingly easy to do so.

Support you ask? Well, you’ll get it directly from the developer, so you don’t need to worry about it, not one bit.

Viewpoint lets you accommodate all your pictures of all sizes on one place at the single click of the mouse. Just one click in the admin panel and all your images are uploaded on the website. You just need to use the standard Add Media option given in the WordPress.

Got landscape images? Don’t worry at all, the fullscreen layout displays your landscape oriented pictures with same resolution and no image loss. The layout also offers smooth slideshow to display all your images.

Horizontal gallery lets you display all your horizontal, landscape and square images in a single horizontal reel. On the other hand, the Grid gallery arranges these images in a masonry style. Did you notice how all the themes are nowadays focusing on masonry style display? Well, that’s because masonry style displays all the images without cluttering the webpage.

Want to share your images along with some information pertaining to the picture? Well, Viewpoint has got your back here as well. The half page layout lets you share posts and photos on the same webpage and make it look cool.

Let’s take a look at the key features of Viewpoint:

  • Smooth transitions
  • Typekit support
  • One click installer
  • 5 star support (all the way from the developer)
  • Simple editing (no page builders, none at all)
  • Google map integration
  • Translation ready
  • Stylish details
  • Keyboard and Touch compatible
  • Bunch of freebies

And then there are other features such as:

  • Easy 1-click demo installation
  • FREE HTML template version included
  • Preloading for maximum speed
  • Layered PSDs included
  • Step-by-step how-to documentation
  • Galleries are standard WP galleries, add hundreds of photos easily!
  • Multiple gallery styles for landscape and portrait images of various sizes
    • Proportional Fullscreen
    • Horizontal Scroll
    • Masonry Grid
    • Before / After
    • Fullscreen Video Background
  • EXIF info displayed if available
  • Cool typography with Typekit or Google Fonts
  • Social sharing (Google+, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Built-in like system
  • Translation-ready
  • SEO-Optimized
  • Cross-browser compatible and responsive
  • Black or White – Unlimited color schemes

Joker – Photo & Video Portfolio WordPress Theme

Joker is a resourcefully created photography and video based WordPress theme. It offers a wide range of layouts through which you can display your work to your website visitors and potential customers with no trouble. The Joker theme incorporates all the required design elements along with eye-catching animations needed to create a premium portfolio website, both for personal as well as commercial use. Now it’s time to look at Joker in detail and see what makes it such a great theme for photographers and video enthusiasts for their websites.

Responsive Design and Retina Compatible:  We agree almost every website nowadays has to be responsive. And this is important because we want our websites to be accessed easily across all screen platforms. But there’s another important factor we need to consider here. Apple has launched Retina display and many websites have not yet adapted to this upgrade. But here we have Joker, a theme that incorporates Retina displays and thus can be viewed on these screens too.

Homepage Layouts: with 13 predefined homepage layout designs to choose from, Joker theme ensures you don’t run out of options. In an unlikely event that you don’t like any of these layouts, don’t worry as you can create a layout f your liking easily and quickly.

Sliders: You get t choose from slider options such as fullscreen slider, revolution slider, ribbon slider, masonry albums, grid albums, masonry portfolio, grid portfolio, Kenburns, masonry wall, grid wall, 3D effect on the background image, YouTube video playing in the background, and a background of a Vimeo video.

And then there is one click installation, through which you can install sample data with a single click of the mouse so that you can get your theme look as close to the outlook seen in the demo.

What makes Joker so special is that it supports various browsers and is also optimized for SEO.

The admin panel of Joker is not just powerful, but also amazingly easy to use. Who says good things don’t come easy!

Visual Composer and Slider Revolution, the two most popular plugins come in package while buying Joker. These two powerful plugins would otherwise cost you $53.

Multi language support is so extensive that it can also support scripts that run from Right to Left.

Full width masonry layouts range from 2-column to 6-column layouts. All other portfolio layouts also vary in the same range.

Gallery Layouts Available:

Masonry albums, Grid albums, Ribbon gallery, Flow gallery, Masonry wall, Grid wall, Kenburns and the Password protected gallery.

5 different hover styles for portfolio / album thumbnails, WooCommerce ready, Coming Soon page, 55 pre-included PSD files and amazing support along with timely free updates, so now our question is: what would make someone not like Joker?

Just look at the flood of features this amazing theme brings along, and site owners will be swept off their feet:

·       Responsive design and retina ready layout

·       Prebuilt CSS animation

·       Cross-browser compatibility (IE9+)

·       WooCommerce Integration Available

·       Unlimited menu options (Vertical and horizontal)

·       Slider Revolution (save $19.00)

·       Drop-down menu

·       5 different thumbnail hover styles

·       Grid and masonry portfolios

·       Full width, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6- column portfolio layouts

·       Isotope integrated on Portfolio pages

·       9 portfolio post layouts

·       8 gallery layouts (Masonry albums, Grid albums, Ribbon, Flow, Kenburns, Masonry wall, Grid wall, Password protected)

·       3 blog layouts

·       3 blog post layouts

·       Shortcodes (banners, carousels, tabs, toggles, accodion, tour section, buttons, blockquotes, tables, alert boxes, lists, forms, testimonials, alert boxes, progress bar, pricing tables, dropcaps, social icons etc.)

·       Before/After Image Comparison

·       Typography and Columns pages

·       Cloud zoom and lightbox popup on the product page

·       Fancybox 2.0 lightbox

·       Unlimited additional pages: About, Contact, Full width page, Page with sidebar, 404 page, Coming soon page

·       Google fonts

·       Icon fonts

·       SVG animated icons

·       Contact form 7

·       Newsletter subscribe form

·       Social share buttons

·       Instagram feed

·       Dribbble feed

·       Flickr feed

·       Cookie Control popup

·       Alert message popup for old IE browsers (IE8 or older) called for the browser update

·       55 Fully-layered & well-organized PSD files

·       Documentation

Fusion – Responsive Photography & Portfolio WordPress Theme

Fusion is a photography WordPress theme that comes with photo proofing galleries and a wide assortment of portfolio display functions. Packed with a responsive design, retina display support, and easy customization options, Fusion is one great theme highly recommended for photographers, designers, artists, freelancers, film makers and anybody else who wants to his or her work to the world.

Using the Envira Gallery Plug-in, you can create stunning responsive galleries where you can upload your photos & videos easily and quickly.

While the inbuilt Envira Lite plug-in is quite strong in itself, if you want to perform tasks such as Image Proofing, Password Protection and such, we suggest you to purchase the amazing Envira Gallery Pro.

Powerful customizer: With easy navigation and plentiful of theme elements, you also get to choose your favorite font from a whole lot of font style and also use any background pattern of your liking.

The Page Builder: The visual composer plug-in let’s you do the content editing work both from the frontend and the backend. This simple drag and drop layout builder lets you manage all your content without having to write even a single line of code.

Off Canvas Menu Integration: combine off canvas menu with collapse navigation and you’ll get an amazing user experience for small screens.

We all know how important it is for the website owners to have SEO compatible websites. Otherwise they just won’t be able to let their target audience find them. Nobody likes to live in oblivion, and it’s a place that every businessman dreads. Reach out to your customers with solid SEO centric code done in the Fusion Photography WordPress theme.

What will happen when a customer likes your artwork but doesn’t speak your language? Considering this scenario, the developers behind Fusion prepared the theme with language translation feature embedded in it. Say hi to foreign customers!

Want to import demo to your theme? Just one click and Voila!

Support: Extensive documentation and premium support will keep you on your track whenever you stumble and find it hard to work with Fusion.

Let’s take a look at all the features Fusion has to offer that make it such a great photography WordPress theme. Read along…

·       Unlimited page combination

·       WordPress LIVE Theme Customizer (Updates in Real time)

·       Visual Composer Page Builder included

·       Slider Revolution supported

·       Sticky header for quick navigation (optional)

·       Mega Menus & Off-Canvas Menus ready

·       Envira Gallery Lite (included)

·       Supports Envira Gallery Pro (not included)

·       WooCommerce Ready

·       RTL Language Supported

·       Language Translation

·       Unlimited Sidebars + Sticky Sidebars

·       Multiple layouts for single post

·       One Click Demo Content Importer

·       5 Header Options

·       Child-theme ready

·       Responsive & Retina Ready

·       SEO Friendly (Yoast plugin)

·       Image, Video & Gallery Support

·       Unlimited Skins

·       FontAwesome Icons

·       Extensive Documentation

·       Premium Support & Updates

Malory – Photography & Magazine WordPress Theme

Malory is a gorgeous looking photography theme that packs a punch of responsive design and a unique tile blog. Bloggers, photographers, freelancers, artists, and digital studios will find the Malory WordPress Theme very useful in showcasing their artwork in a beautiful and unique way. Responsive design enables the visitors to view your website on any screen platform with unparalleled ease and thus have a great user experience.

The world today looks forward to designs that inspire, designs that engage, designs that make people want to visit your website again and again. And just in case you happen to sell your artwork, people would like to buy it from your site without having to go through hassles in unsecure payment gateways. Ecommerce is the present and the future, and Malory gives your customers one of the best buying experiences they will ever come across.

But first things first, before buying anything, people like to see how it is displayed, and if it is on a website, they will notice everything. How long does that page take to load properly, the way images move across the webpages, how the gallery is laid out on the website and how easy it is to navigate from one page to another; and from one image to the next one, all these factors make a difference.

But that’s not all; there are many other photography WordPress themes that we wanted to cover in this article. But as we said, we are reviewers, a bunch of tech savvy people who have a knack for technology. And on that note, we promise we’ll be back with something else, something as interesting and intriguing. We have just stepped into 2017, and we have the whole year ahead of us. Looking forward to many more technological marvels, we would love to bid good bye for now.

But before we leave, here’s a piece of advice, web designing and development is an ever evolving realm in itself. Each day something new comes up. A new plug-in, a new module, the list is practically endless in this virtual world. We hope you loved this article. We enjoyed writing it. And this comes from a bunch of techies who absolutely love what they do. And we know there are themes that we are not aware of, there will always be something new for us to learn. If you share the same interest, please do leave the themes you’ve come across in the comment section. We would love to take a look at them and try to talk about it in future. Till then, keep exploring, keep learning. And have a great 2017!