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    Christian Biemann

    Hi again,

    I´d like to ask 2 small questions regarding the menu on http://www.biemann-photography.at/

    1. I´d like to write the 3 categories landscape/travel/cityscape not in just uppercase letters but with the first letter capitalized.
    (css should be text-transform: capitalize;)
    does this somehow work with the css class in the menu structure appearance?

    2. can I somehow add a separator in the menu.
    maybe just more space between the entries, or a string like “________” ?

    Thank you,
    have a nice day!

    p.s.: does somebody else notice the small white gap in the 2nd third of the upper picture?
    why does that appear?
    I created that “panorama” with a grid gallery and 3 pictures next to each other.
    that just appears on certain resolutions of my different screens…


    Christian Biemann

    seems like that the issue with the gap in the gallery on the home-page is solved by setting the gallery to Mansory: ON.
    I don´t understand why, but I´m lucky that I found it 🙂
    have a nice weekend!



    1. Yes it will work with the CSS class from the menu structure. It should be soemthing like

    #nv-tabs li.yourclassname {text-transform: capitalize;}

    2. Try adding the following CSS to Appearance > Theme Options > Customize > Custom CSS:

    #header #nv-tabs ul li a {padding: 22px;}


    Christian Biemann

    ok, that gave me the information to create the menu as it is at the moment.
    Now I created a page “________”, dropped that into the menu 2 times.

    I now want to display that point in the menu always as “not hovered”, even if the mouse is on it.
    Do you know what I mean. That entry should not link anywhere.

    Is that possible with the css class?
    I played around with several css definitions, but I havent found anything what works.

    Thank you!


    Christian Biemann

    seems like this doesn´t work in IE, from where I´m working currently.
    Maybe you have an alternative to get this work in IE too…..?


    Hi Christian,

    I’ve tried this on IE in Browserstack and it works fine. It maybe cached on the computer you’re using.


    Christian Biemann

    that was an issue with an older version of IE. they implemented it to work in IE 11.
    Thanks anyway! 🙂 Now the page looks quite nice I think.
    Have to optimize loading-speed now I guess…. :/


    Have you tried WP Fastest Cache.

    The combo I use for the demo site is WP Supercache and Autoptimize – WP Fastest Cache gets great results out of the box and WP Supercache and Autoptimize can achieve better but requires a playing with the options.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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