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    My page is an absolute disaster:

    I took days and days, hours and hours working on my site because is essential for my job.

    1 I have everything well organized and have followed all instructions in the documentation theme and all topics in the forums of ePix.
    2 All my pictures are less than 200 Kb because for me is essential a very fast page loading.


    1 The page is unbearable slow to load (takes even minutes) in all browsers. It’s inexplicable and I’am very disappointed and worried.
    2. On tablets and smartphones of all types and with any browser is impossiible to navigate:
    Everything is malformed, doesn’t load, or takes a long (very long) time to load, bad load (for example: between slide sets !! the pictures are mixed !!?), there are buttons that don’t respond or don’t appear, browsers often crash and nothing of what is displayed on the descktop version is the same in the mobile version. (for example: in some browsers the titles appear -in my descktop version not- malformed … for example, in a fashion photo title appears a tittle of an yogurt …).

    In some cases (in my backend) appear messages “Internal Server Error”

    In short: everything goes wrong.

    I beg you to enter into my site and see ASAP. The load is so slow that it’s impossible to navigate.Then, please consult my website in any tablet or smartphone and compare: All is wrong and navigate is impossible.

    I beg you to help me. Thank you


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    Tom ( Support)

    Hi Josep,

    You have an incredible amount of high res images (147) loading on your home page, coupled with filtered tabs, videos and lightbox. To be honest, I am surprised your service is not showing an Internal server error all the time. Normal websites do not load this amount of content, code and images into a single page as the server, users internet speed and users computer cannot cope with this amount loading all at the same time.

    I recommend splitting the home page tabs into different pages. That way, the users internet, computer and your server will not cap out and will load as they should.

    You can see the website speed results here to see exactly what is going on. You can see that the server caps out and doesn’t load half of the images correctly (the ones highlighted in red).

    Hope my suggestion helps.


    First I want to thank you for your fast reply.
    Now I`m going to study everything that you say.
    Don’t close this topic please.

    Thank you,



    Tom, thank you very much because you were absolutely right.

    I’ve restored all following your advices. My page now charges fast.

    I have learned many things with what you have told me.

    You can close this topic.

    Thank you very much
    Kind regards,


    Tom ( Support)

    Thats great, thank you for coming back to us.

    If you are happy with the theme, please take a second to rate the theme 5 stars here.

    Much appreciated 🙂


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    Hi @silverteth

    Do you have issues related to this ticket? Your last reply is empty so we want to know if there’s anything we can help you with regarding the theme?


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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