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    Can you please explain how add, remove or edit the small icon elements above the logo in the sitewide sidebar? (the small circular ones that show up above the logo on every page)


    Tom ( Support)

    Hi Noah,

    You can change the icon to your own but as this is not a standard theme option, you will need to customize it. You can edit this within the config-header.php file. Search for ‘<i class=”fa fa-bars fa-lg”></i>‘ and change out the icon code for your own. You can choose from a list of icons from Font Awesome here.

    Hope this helps.



    Hey I little lost here. I am trying to do the same but I can’t find the file in the editor area.
    I’d like to add some top padding to the logo too and add icons in the bottom of the menu bar.




    You can add icons below the menu bar by creating a fresh post, enable the Visual Composer > Add Element > Social Icons > Generate the icons you want and then switch to “Classic View”.

    Here you will see the shortcode for the social icons [ socialwrap .. /socialwrap ] – copy only this shortcode and it’s contents and add to a “Text Widget” in Appearance > Widgets > Menu Sidebar Panel.

    As for the logo padding, I recommend watching the customization screencast in the documentation – this should help you to customize the CSS in the theme. http://themeva.com/docs/epix/theme-customization/

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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