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    Hi Andy,

    Three simple questions for you:
    1. Can you advise where I can find the “filter” and “tags” functionalities that you have on the “Shop” tab of your template ePix site?
    2. Is there a way to turn the expanded picture (once you click on it) into a mini page that has information on it?
    3. Is the Rev slider plugin updated included in the price of the theme? I’m prompted to update it but cannot find the zipfile





    Also, how do you change the “click to action” for pictures in the “Post Grid” or “Post Masonry Grid” element? For some reason that option only shows up in “Image gallery” 🙁



    1. This page is using a Masonry Grid element added by the Visual Composer. You can select the Products as a data source and then switch on the filtering.

    2. If it’s a product, you can link to the product page and use the Visual Composer to add more information. Alternatively, you can use Slide Sets instead of products and use the Grid Gallery element and images can link to any page.

    3. Yes it is, however it can only be updated once the theme has been updated. I am about to provide an update for the theme which will include the latest version. If you require it now, I can send you a link to the latest version.

    4. Unfortunately that’s a limitation of Visual Composer, they’ve only allowed certain options for certain elements.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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