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    Jill Bowers

    Hi…I am having such a hard time understanding this theme and I have worked with a ton of different ones. The whole process has been fatal errors even on just installing (I had to go and change a line in the options meta-config.php file to even ahve it show. I read the documents and am trying to take a blank page and put in a grid gallery and its all errors. So…now I deleted all pages and am using the page that had already been created called, Grid. I’m still having problems.

    When I bought this, I saw the Grid gallery as a homepage and absolutely loved it. I love the black and white turning to color upon hovering. I love the different sized photos (I think they are all the same width but not height) nicely together. I loved that when you pressed a pic, a pop up would come up and you can scroll through the pics. I never had to leave that page.

    I am writing because I absolutely can’t recreate that. I have no idea how to make the images different in height without getting an error. The hover is not going from black and white to color even though I have black and white selected in effects and the biggest thing is I’d like to assign the pics to each pic pressed. For example, if I have a pic that is labeled architecture, I’d like the lightbox to come up with all pics pertaining to that subject INSTEAD of the lightbox just scrolling through the pics that are already on the page (Grid). Is that possible? Thanks so much!!

    **Now when I am using theme options to play around with my logo, I go to save and it says page not found. Is this theme not workable in Firefox?


    Jill Bowers

    I figured out a lot of it and am loving the theme! I am now convinced something in the installation messed a lot of the files up. Anyways, I would still like to know if it’s possible to customize the lightbox that comes up when a picture is pressed. So, the lightbox would show a different gallery than what’s on the current gallery. Does that make sense?


    Tom ( Support)

    Hi Jill,

    Thank you for the kind words, thats great you are loving the theme!

    Unfortunately it is not possible to customize the with the theme options as the lightbox script is an external piece of code that is used.

    Can you please confirm exactly which issues you are currently having so I can properly help you out.

    Kind regards,


    Jill Bowers

    Hi! Thanks for getting back to me! I have done a ton of reading about the lightbox and as you know, I’d like to have a pic clicked on and then pictures pertaining to that subject be scrolled through. I know an external piece of code is needed so I am wondering if i can find a plugin, or the actual lightbox plug in or what not could be used. I found one of your customers websites and she does exactly what I want to do and want to know how she did it. http://www.sueweil.com/family-album/ click on one of her products and you will see she has thumbnails to other picture pertaining to that product and it all stays in the lightbox without having to leave that page. Can you give me any tips to do that? Thank you so much for your time!



    Bumpity bump… I would love to know how to do this as well. I am trying to create small albums that are displayed with a fixed image. The visitor would then click the image and it would launch into the lightbox, where the user could then click through the slideshow.

    Is there a way to do this using the gallery feature?

    Edit: I looked at the source on the page linked above, and it appears that the owner is using the following (premium) plugin:


    Hope that helps!


    Jill Bowers

    Wow, thanks Jaime!! I didn’t even think to look in her code. haha. You are awesome for following up on that.



    Anytime! 🙂

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