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    Ben Hansen

    trying to to se a header such as you have on the demo page features and i am following the instructions on this page:


    but i do not see the options in the picture just two these tabs when i click edit row:



    Tom ( Support)

    Hi Ben,

    It looks like you do not have the correct version of Visual Composer. You may have updated to their latest version instead of the themeva version.

    The official version of VC is riddled with bugs hence why we force a modified version with the theme. The themeva version has all the bug fixes and extra elements created specifically for the theme. If you use the official VC version, you will run into a lot of issues.

    The next update to VC is released with the latest version of ePix. VC updated their plugin a week or so ago and once we have extensively tested it, it will be updated with Terso.

    The latest version of VC bundled with the theme should be If you are not on this version, you can upgrade by doing the following.

    First, update Terso. For more information on updating the theme, please see here.

    Once updated, you can update VC by go to Plugins > Deactivate VC > Delete it > Admin notice at the top of the WP Admin, click install Visual Composer > You should now have the latest version.

    Then reset your browser cache and websites cache (if you have a cache plugin installed).

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards,


    Ben Hansen

    ok thanks i hadn’t set theme forest to notify me of updates was still on 1.09 and VC 4.1.1

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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