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    Tripurari Prasad

    Hi Andy

    My question is regarding decreasing loading time. I and my other friends have observed very high loading time of my site. I wanted to understand how Can I reduce it. I definitely intend to have a fast site else interest of my audience will quickly go away

    This issue is specially on gallery (portfolio) page

    1) I am using a background image for all my pages.
    2) My gallery page has around 80 pictures
    3) All my images around 200-400KB max

    I want to understand

    1) whether there is any best practice around size of images that I should consider
    2) Does higher number of images has any impact on page loading? I thought as the visitor will scroll down the images will further load not all at once. Please clarify this. In case I can make the image loading a function of scroll let me know how to do it in the theme

    My site is: creaons.com

    A bit side step , some other issues i saw is
    1) sometimes filter tags are not getting saved with images
    2) if I chose gallery as Black and white effect. the black and white range doesnt cover the image properly ann there is some boundary are still shows color

    I will be really grateful if you can help with this


    Tripurari Prasad

    Futher also let me know if keeping a background image also hampers the loading



    Are you using Slide Sets for that page? If so, I recommend using the Ajax Lazy Load function ( you’ll need at least v1.3.2 version of the theme ). See the Add Gallery or Visual Composer Grid Gallery options.

    This will only load a few images at a time, currently there are just far too many images to load at once and no amount of caching etc will fix that.

    Again, this could be due to the loading of the page, the script doesn’t quite get chance to load all the filters.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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