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    Updating to WordPress 4, and I got problems.
    After some initial problems updating the «Visual Composer Bakery» plug-in, after I got it working, this thing happened:
    The menu-items in the main navigation menu along with the social media icons turned blue and the background which was transparent white disappeared. This is leaving my site looking quite strange.

    Do you have any idea how to fix this?
    I´ll leave my login and url in a private post.

    Please advise.


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    Hm. Seems I´m still having issues updating the bakery.
    I get this message:

    The update process is starting. This process may take a while on some hosts, so please be patient.

    Enabling Maintenance mode…

    Updating Plugin WPBakery Visual Composer (1/1)
    An error occurred while updating WPBakery Visual Composer: Update package not available.
    Disabling Maintenance mode…

    All updates have been completed.

    Return to Plugins page | Return to WordPress Updates

    – – –

    If I try to Download new version from CodeCanyon, im promted to pay for downloading.

    – – –
    There is a new version of WPBakery Visual Composer available. View version 4.3.4 details. Download new version from CodeCanyon.

    – – –

    Please advise



    I also tried removing the
    js_composer folder
    wp-content/plugins folder
    via ftp
    and reinstalling the promt for the visual composer.

    After «successfully updating» it still reads
    Version 4.1.2
    and not
    Version 4.3.4

    Please advice. I have tried all I know by now.



    I AM REALLY SORRY for this crazy posting.
    I finally managed to get the Visual composer to update.

    Still my problem with the blue menu items and blue social icons + missing background persists.
    I´ve gone trough the settings, and they show up on the live preview, but it does not register when I click save and publish.


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    Tom ( Support)


    The plugin JS & CSS Script Optimizer, was destroying the standard WordPress customizer so it was not letting it save the theme settings at all. I de-activated it and it now works correctly and shows on the site correctly.

    We have found that the cache plugin you are using is a very bad as it can destroy themes and just makes matters worse! I recommend completely flushing the cache within the plugin, un-ticking everything that has previously been ticked, flushing it again, then completely deleting the plugin.

    I recommend testing out using the plugin, WP Fastest Cache as we have found an improvement when using this cache plugin alone.
    With the following settings:
    Cache System: TICK
    Mobile: TICK
    Minify HTML: TICK
    Gzip: TICK

    We have had good results with this plugin.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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