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    There has been a fatal error on my pages and I don’t know what is the problem.

    My version works well in Catalan language. But in English amd Spanish language displays the following error screen (will bring you to private message).

    I don’t know if this error is causer by my theme or by WPML plugin

    Kind regards,

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    Tom ( Support)

    Hi Josep,

    This error appears when either you have not selected a slide set for the gallery on the page, or you have something corrupt within your slide sets. E.g a comma or symbol within the title or description.

    I recommend checking to see if you have selected a slide set on the gallery first though.

    Hope this helps.


    Yes, it was this.
    Now it’s solved.
    But it happened automatically when I did WPML translations because I had already read before posting this topic in the Troubleshooting Gide what you said.
    Thanks Tom

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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