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    I’m trying to do something which seems simple but which I can’t figure out how to do.
    I’d like to roughly recreate the following grid https://acoda.com/epix/grid/ (excluding the items that are at the bottom).
    It’d be great if you could advise in simple terms how to go about this and solve the issues I’m having:
    – Where do the pictures come from in the above example? I’m going into the backend but can’t see them anywhere
    – I’d like all the pictures to link to a separate page (I know this is possible in some formats)
    – The pictures I own are not of the same size / what’s the easiest way to solve this issue? (In “single pictures” format, some are much larger than others even if I change the size for all of them to “large”)

    Thanks for your help,



    With Grid Galleries, the images can come from a number of sources ( Data Sources ). On that particular page, they’re coming from a Slide Set.

    If you just want images, add a Grid Gallery > Set the Data Source to “Image Selector” and then pick the images you want to appear. The Gallery will take the Title and Description from the Media Library Settings.

    If you want a Portfolio style where the image links to a “Post style page”, create your “Slides” via WP Admin > Portfolio and then set the Grid Gallery > Data Source to Portfolio.

    If you want to link images to any Page or Post, I recommend using the Slide Set Manager and setting the Grid Gallery > Data Source to the Slide Set you’ve created.

    If you set the image dimensions via the Grid Gallery, it will resize all of the to that size e.g. 500 width 500 height.

    I hope that helps?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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