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    Hi there

    I am currently attempting to improve my SEO for my website:

    It seems that my page is loading quite slow. give it a loading speed of 7.6 seconds. Google can penalise a site which loads slowly.

    I wanted some advise on the size required for my home pages images as currently shown on my home page. Perhaps I need to decrease my image sizes.

    Where can I see the image size specs from within the “Slide Set Manager”?

    Also are there some plug ins I can install which will help with download speed?

    Is there anything I should be checking with my hosting provider?

    Kind regards James Harvie


    Hi @jamesandrewharvie

    I did a test and here’s the result!/cEcQKo/

    The main issue with the site that is dragging your load time is the size of the images you are using which is 4.67 MB of the total 5.3MB.

    It is best to optimize your images. The best option is to optimize them using Photoshop, if not, there are image optimization plugins you can use to help with this.

    Also, adding caching/CDN to your site should help improve site’s speed.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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